‘Stop European complicity in Saudi war on Yemen’

This video is about the Saudi royal air force killing civilians in Yemen.

Translated from Dutch Een Vandaag TV:

Double standard of Dutch authorities on war on Yemen

Wed 29 Mar 2017

The Dutch shipbuilder Damen is currently building warships for the navy of the United Arab Emirates. This country has been, led by Saudi Arabia, already for more than two years at war with Yemen. Also other Dutch companies manufacture war goods destined for countries involved in this war.

Building these vessels is done with the knowledge and consent of the Dutch government. The fear is that warships built in the Netherlands will be deployed for the naval blockade on the coast of Yemen. This blockage causes that almost no food enters the country. Partly because of that starvation soon for millions of Yemenis threatens.

The question is whether the Netherlands should continue to authorize the export of warships and other military equipment deployed possibly in the war on Yemen? Several political parties, including the Socialist Party, say no. SP MP Sadet Karabulut: “I want our government to have an arms embargo towards countries in the Middle East as an unprecedented humanitarian disaster in Yemen threatens.”

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Parliament: No European weapons to Saudi Arabia

Today, 18:19

The Dutch parliament wants the Netherlands to call on the European Union to not sell arms to Saudi Arabia which might be deployed in Yemen. The Saudi armed forces are bombing civilian targets there regularly. In Yemen war has been raging for years of and the country is facing famine.

Parliament believes that the EU should stop providing arms, if it is established that the Saudis contribute to human rights violations in Yemen. A motion about this by the VVD, CDA and PvdA parties was supported by the entire parliament and [PvdA Foreign Affairs] minister Koenders thinks it’s a good idea as well.

Practically nothing

Koenders said the Netherlands is by far the smallest supplier of weapons within the European Union to Saudi Arabia and actually practically does not send much military equipment to that country.

Your Excellency Koenders: even one Dutch bullet for that murderous war by the Saudi absolute monarchy is already one bullet too much.

A minority in the House called for a Dutch national arms embargo against countries involved in the Yemen war. SP MP Karabulut said the Netherlands, irrespective of what will happen in Europe, should stop licensing weapons exports.

The plan of the SP was supported by D66, GroenLinks, PVV, Party for the Animals and Forum for Democracy parties, but that was just short of a majority. Koenders turned fiercely against it. He claimed that unilateral decisions by the Netherlands would immediately put an end to the debate within the EU.

So, according to Koenders, the Netherlands should continue to sell ‘just a little’ weapons to the Gulf absolute monarchies; and should postpone doing anything against the bloodshed till hell will freeze over … till all 28 European Union countries, all with powerful military industrial complexes, will decide simultaneously to no longer profit from butchering Yemeni civilians. Fat chance!

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