United Arab Emirates internaut persecuted

This video is called BAHRAIN: UAE Confirms Goal To Suppress Protests With 500 Cops Under Pretext Of “Calm & Order”.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Man will face charge for threatening state security

Monday 12 March 2012

Dubai‘s public prosecutor announced today that a man who was detained for incitement last week will face charges of threatening state security.

Essam al-Humaidan deemed that Saleh al-Dhafairi’s comments on recent uprisings elsewhere in the Middle East he had posted to his Twitter account “endangered the interests and security” of the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Dhafairi is also accused of “using religion to incite” rebellion.

The UAE, a federation of seven absolute monarchies led by oil-rich Abu Dhabi, has not been hit by mass protests – but authorities are increasingly wary of political activism.

Five activists who signed an online petition calling for democratic reforms were convicted of anti-state crimes in November and jailed for up to three years.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahayan later pardoned them.

Exclusive: UAE detains foreign NGO workers: here.

US citizen Yonas Fikre claimed on Wednesday that he was detained in the United Arab Emirates last year and tortured by FBI agents: here.

The Pentagon has dispatched F-22 Raptors, its most advanced warplanes, to the United Arab Emirates in a provocative escalation of US war threats against Iran: here.

8 thoughts on “United Arab Emirates internaut persecuted

  1. Bahrain an ‘enemy of internet freedom’

    France: A Paris-based media watchdog branded the Bahraini monarchy an “enemy of the internet” today in its annual report naming governments that severely curtail freedom of expression on and access to the Web.

    Reporters Without Borders said Bahrain was a “perfect example of successful crackdowns” citing the exclusion of foreign media, harassment of rights activists and the arrest of bloggers.

    The group also condemned the French government for passing a law that could cut off the internet for people who illegally download content.



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  3. Apr 18, 11:32 AM EDT

    US Muslim: I was tortured at FBI’s behest in UAE

    STOCKHOLM (AP) — A Muslim American seeking asylum in Sweden says he was detained at the U.S. government’s request while he was in the United Arab Emirates last summer and was tortured in custody.

    At a news conference Wednesday in Stockholm, Yonas Fikre says he was interrogated about the activities of a mosque in Portland, Oregon. He had attended the same mosque there as a man charged in a plot to detonate a bomb in Portland.

    The 33-year-old naturalized American citizen who was born in Eritrea told the AP that he was arrested in June 2011 in the United Arab Emirates and taken to a prison in Abu Dhabi.

    He traveled to Sweden, where he has relatives, after being released from detention on Sept. 15.

    © 2012 The Associated Press.


  4. Groups call for activists’ release

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Two human rights groups called on the government on Monday to end crackdowns on perceived political opponents and release those in custody.

    Amnesty International and New York-based Human Rights Watch appeal followed the detentions of two people in the northern UAE emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, including a cousin of the emirate’s ruler.

    The rights organisations said UAE officials were holding at least seven other activists with links to an Islamist group that has criticised some policies of the country’s Western-allied leaders.



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