Saudi-Qatar absolute monarchies quarrel

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump says “Saudi Arabia and Qatar are killing women

20 October 2016

That video is from when Donald Trump was not yet president, but was campaigning against Hillary Clinton who has financial and other ties to the Saudi and Qatari absolute monarchies. A time when Trump sometimes told the truth, like a broken clock which is correct twice a day.

However, now that Trump has sold so many United States weapons to the Saudi government to kill civilians in Yemen

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Gulf states break diplomatic ties with Qatar

Today, 05:49

Four Arab countries have broken all diplomatic ties with Qatar. Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia state that Qatar destabilizes the region by supporting terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Qatari diplomats are getting two days to leave.

Saudi Arabia has closed the borders with Qatar. Diplomats say to the Saudi state press office that this is needed to protect “national security against the dangers of terrorism and extremism”.

Saudi Arabia has sent all soldiers of the Qatar army active in the war in Yemen home. Egypt also has closed its airspace and waters immediately for carriers from Qatar. The other countries have taken similar measures.


Concrete reasons for the quarreling are possible statements by the emir of Qatar. He is said to have said that Iran is an Islamic power “that can not be ignored”. That comment angered the other Gulf states, which see Iran as the biggest enemy in the region. Qatar later denied that the emir had actually said that.

There has been a longer disagreement between the countries about the approach to extremism in the region. A few months ago, Egypt blocked websites funded from Qatar and said to be linked to terrorism. Qatar is also home to Al Jazeera, the international news channel. Arab leaders often get angry about the news that Al Jazeera brings.

Qatar maintains ties with all terrorist movements in the region such as Al Qaeda and IS [ISIS] …

The absolute monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc. are often accused of the same.

Western countries could also come into contact with representatives of Islamic terrorist movements via Qatar.

Qatar is on a peninsula and shares a border with Saudi Arabia. The country is predominantly Sunni but has a large Shia minority. …

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia is fighting in a coalition

including Qatar until now

with other countries against Shiite rebels …

and against civilians, including Somali refugees, women, children and blind people

Qatar has grown explosively over the last two decades and now has nearly 2 million inhabitants, of whom more than 80 percent are not citizens. Since the announcement that the country is organizing the [football] World Cup of 2022, 750,000 new residents have come.

LEAKED EMAILS SHOW HOW QATAR CRISIS DEVELOPED The leaked emails of United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba showcase the level of tensions among U.S. partners. [HuffPost]

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