Egyptian workers fight on for democracy

This video is called Egyptian Uprising Fueled by Striking Workers Across Nation.

On Friday, thousands took to the streets of Cairo to demonstrate for the demands of the revolution and against the US-backed counter-revolution in Egypt. The military-installed regime of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf passed a law on Wednesday banning all protests and demonstrations, and punishes violations against the legislation with draconian penalties: here.

Egypt to Lift Emergency Laws Before Elections; New Draft Law Barring Strikes & Protests Draws Criticism: here.

Egyptian archaeologists threatened to organize a strike and sit-in on Sunday if a ministry official is not immediately appointed to take charge of archeology-related affairs: here.

Egypt’s Mubarak ‘under house arrest’: Military council denies ousted leader has fled to Saudi Arabia: here.

Australia: A crowd of 200 people marched on the US consulate in the Perth CBD on March 22 to protest the invasion of Bahrain by Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates (UAE) soldiers to suppress the democracy movement in the country: here.

Despite their talk about democracy, the governments of the US and other Western nations are very interested in stopping the wave of democratic uprisings across the Arab world: here.

Jordan: Regime unleashes violence against anti-government protests: here.

Pro-Democracy Youth Activist in Iraq Tortured and Threatened: here.

3 thoughts on “Egyptian workers fight on for democracy

  1. Foreign minister won’t mediate

    BAHRAIN: Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa has rejected a Kuwaiti offer to mediate the kingdom’s political crisis.

    Leading opposition group Wefaq said on Sunday that it would accept an offer from Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah to oversee talks between Bahrain’s ruling Khalifa family and civil rights groups.

    Protesters have been forced off the streets by troops, including forces from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

    Mr Khalifa said today there were no plans for Kuwaiti-led dialogue and that martial law would continue.


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