Feminist Malalai Joya on Afghanistan and Kurdistan

North Syrian Kurdish women YPJ anti-ISIS fighters. Photo: BijiKurdistan/Creative Commons

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Afghan activist Malalai Joya praises the ‘brave women of Kurdistan

AFGHAN former politician Malalai Joya hailed the “brave women of Kurdistan” as a “source of inspiration” today, praising them for leading the fight against jihadist terror in Syria.

The activist and writer was ejected from the Afghan parliament in 2007 after she criticised the presence of warlords and criminals among her fellow legislators.

She said people don’t feel safe in Afghanistan, noting that, after nearly two decades of war, “bombs, suicide blasts, drone attacks, public executions, rape and gang rape, abduction and other tragedies threaten the life of our people every second. “

Ms Joya, however, struck a hopeful note as she spoke of the ongoing resistance to brutal regimes across the world.

“There is always light and hope, no matter how dark and long the tunnel. It is my belief, and history has shown, that oppression cannot prevail forever. There will always be revolutionary struggle by the masses that will break the back of oppressors, no matter how mighty and powerful they are”, she said.

“Today, the proof of this, and a source of hope and inspiration, is the united and organised struggle of the brave men and women of Kurdistan against the Isis brutes and dictator regime of [Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan.”

As George W. Bush Gets “Liberty Medal”, Afghan People Suffer 17th Year in Nation “Made a Hell” by US Invasion. “After the Taliban we were expecting something good, but instead, day by day, it is getting worse”: here.

US airstrikes kill at least 30 civilians in Afghanistan: here.

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