Dutch government stops spending money on Syrian opposition

This 8 March 2018 Israeli News Live video says about itself:

Why does the USA back Erdogan as his military slaughters Afrin women

Brutal footage appears from Afrin, Syria as Turkish militants [and, partly Syrian, Free Syrian Army and ISIS militants] backed by Erdogan slaughter female captives. I ask the question: why does the US and NATO allies support such a brutal regime that backs terrorists? Erdogan calls the Kurds terrorist, but the tree is known by its fruit and Erdogan’s is very bitter.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 9 August 2018:

The Netherlands will stop supporting the Syrian opposition in the civil war against President Assad. That is what ministers Blok (Foreign Affairs) and Kaag (Development Aid) write in a letter to parliament.

The chance that the rebels will still turn the tide in the civil war has, according to the ministers, become “extraordinarily limited” and the support for which the Netherlands has paid a total of 70 million euros has “not produced the desired result”.

The Netherlands supported the moderate armed opposition

Even according to British pro-war Blairites, there are no ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria. CIA-supported so-called ‘moderates’ beheaded a sick Palestinian little boy. So-called ‘moderates’ sold journalist Steven Sotloff to ISIS for beheading. A ‘moderate’ Free Syrian Army (FSA) commander practiced cannibalism. The FSA now are puppets of Turkish dictator Erdogan. They helped Erdogan in invading the Kurdish Afrin region, killing many people, looting and imposing headscarves on non-headscarf wearing women by force.

with money in Syria. In addition, investments were made in the police of the Syrian rebels and money went to the so-called White Helmets program; a civilian rescue worker service.

The plug has already been pulled out of the first two programs.

The money to the ‘Free Syrian Police’ was stopped after bad publicity: it turned out that this police force rounded up people for kangaroo court ‘Sharia’ trials imposing cruel punishments.

The Netherlands will contribute to the White Helmets program until December.

3 thoughts on “Dutch government stops spending money on Syrian opposition

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