German police arrests Catalan politician Puigdemont

This 3 October 2017 video is called Catalonia referendum: Thousands protest Spanish police violence – BBC News.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that German police have arrested Catalan pro-independence politician Carles Puigdemont at the Danish-German border. The Spanish government wants to punish Puigdemont for ‘rebellion’. Puigdemont was on his way back to Belgium, where he lives now in exile. In Belgium, people cannot be extradited for ‘rebellion’.

According to German media, the Spanish secret police had shadowed Puigdemont during all of his journey through northern Europe, and have tipped off German police. Now, there will be court case on whether Germany will extradite Puigdemont to become a political prisoner of the Spanish right-wing minority government.

German police have helped the Erdogan regime of Turkey by arresting demonstrators against the Turkish military invasion of Syria. It looks like they are now helping the right-wing Spanish government as well.

This 25 March 2018 video is called Protests in Barcelona after ex-Catalan leader Puigdemont arrest.

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