Purple sandpiper, eider duck and brent geese of Texel

Sanderling and jellyfish, Texel, 6 October 2014

After 5 October 2014 on Texel island came 6 October. Like the day before, we went to the beach near De Cocksdorp. There, we met this sanderling, feeding near a beached jellyfish.

Eight brent geese flying past.

Two common terns on a sandbank.

Eider duck female, Texel, 6 October 2014

Then, this female eider duck. Eider ducks in the Slufter, Texel: here.

Ruddy turnstones bathing, Texel, 6 October 2014

Then, a flock of ruddy turnstones. They profit from the water near the jetty. That water is both deep enough and not too deep for bathing; and rather quiet now, as it is next to the jetty with no high tide yet.

Purple sandpiper, turnstone and herring gull, Texel, 6 October 2014

After the bath, the turnstones let their feathers dry, cleaning them. On this photo, behind the turnstone, a purple sandpiper. And a herring gull.

In the sand dunes, we see a male stonechat, a robin and a hare.

Pheasant male, Texel, 6 October 2014

And this male pheasant.

Common linnet, Texel, 6 October 2014

A bit further, a common linnet. Either a female or a juvenile.

Then, from the north of Texel to Wagejot nature reserve in the east.

Brent geese and teal swimming, Wagejot, Texel, 6 October 2014

As we sit down, brent geese, and a teal, swim.

Brent geese, Wagejot, Texel, 6 October 2014

Later, the geese graze on an islet.

Near the Lankasterdijk dike, goldfinches, like yesterday.

Grazing and wildlife on Texel: here.

Eider duck mating season on Texel: here.

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