6 thoughts on “Anti-G-20 protesters are ‘terrorists’, Canadian police superintendent says

  1. It is obvious to the thinking person that Canada is a threat to the American people and its allies, geographically Russia is close by and we know the Russians are still communists under the guise of capitalism, this is why America has had a sustained suspicion quite rightly, of Russian motives, also the British spy organization of Kirby and the others from the 50s educated in Oxford and Cambridge Universities who had a connection to giving Russia information on British defense, as you well aware the Canadians gave aid to Britain in WW2, at great expense to Canadian shipping? we have to ask why this country would give so much for so little? this is because the Canadians were plotting with the British to over throw America, as the reader is well aware Karl Marx, plotted his theories in London in the British Museum, which was to align Britain and Russia via Canada, and Canada being a toe hold in America would not expect a attack by these three major powers to over throw America, as you can see today Canadian security has foiled this insidious plot, although Canadian security forces seem to use excesses power, in the light of what my letter outlines can see the force is by no means excessive.


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