Turkish government deal with ISIS

This video is about anger in the Turkish government because US Vice President Biden mentioned their connections to ISIS.

When United States Vice President Joseph Biden spoke about links between the Turkish government and ISIS terrorism, he did not commit a ‘gaffe’, whatever establishment media pundits say. For one moment, rare for establishment politicians, Biden told the truth.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

British prisoners handed to Isis

Prisoner Swap: Two British extremists were among dozens of prisoners handed back to Islamic State by the Turkish government in exchange for the release of diplomats, it was reported yesterday.

The Times newspaper claims Shabazz Suleman, 18, from Buckinghamshire, and another 26-year-old Briton are among as many as 180 fighters traded with Isis to secure the release of Turkish consular staff.

Amid reports that nearly 350 US-led air strikes over the past three weeks have failed to stem advances by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militias, there are mounting signs of justifications being prepared, and plans made, for an escalating presence of US ground forces in the region: here.

According to multiple reports coming out of Iraq today [6 October 2014], US warplanes attacked the town of Hit in Anbar Province, a town recently taken over by ISIS. But the airstrikes hit a crowded marketplace and nearby apartment buildings, killing 22 civilians and wounding 43 others: here.

18 thoughts on “Turkish government deal with ISIS

  1. Acting on the Kobani tragedy

    Since September 16, 2014, ISIS is attacking the town of Kobani which has been serving as the capital of the de-facto autonomous region self-administered by Syrian Kurds. Although their fierce resistance does matter and got a political impact, eventually they are doomed to fail for ISIS is disposing over far superior equipment. Turkey is idly standing by as the PYD/YPG is being defeated while US air strikes only symbolically target ISIS around Kobani.


    Main addressee for the question of Syrian Kurds is Turkish society: On one hand full support for a strong Kurdish autonomy in Turkey is needed including and recognising the PKK – and not circumventing them as Erdogan is intending. On the other hand a broad platform for a radical change of Turkish policy towards Syria is required. The goal must be a democratic and supra-sectarian solution and not a replica of Syria’s conflict pattern threatening also to tear Turkey apart. (The Sunni Islamic block led by the AKP on one side; the Alevi Kemalist block with leftist elements led by the CHP on the other side.)

    For Europe and Germany the main slogan is to end the retro-imperialist ban on PKK.

    Ultimately a perspective for Syria is crucial. Today negotiations are not possible for both sides keep radicalising and go for an exclusively military solution. To simply call upon them to return to the negotiation table is abstract and therefore impotent.

    The task is to build a political pole to gather those segments of society ready for a de-escalation of sectarianism and a democratisation comprising a well-tempered dose of sectarian power-sharing.


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