Record number of visits to my blog this October

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After September 2014 was a month with a record number of visits to my blog, this October broke that record.

There were 44,575 visits.

Thank you, everyone!

My pages and blog posts with most visits this October were:

Title Views
Home page / Archives 4,541
Turkish government deal with ISIS 419
Bahraini king’s sexual harassment of Lebanese singer 133
Most hated animals top 50 127
Italian hunter thinks cyclist is a hare 118
USA: ancient Egyptian sarcophagus as corporate boss’ plaything 110
Will US soldier escape punishment for rape of Dutch girl? 109
Rubens, Rembrandt, differences in what they painted 98
Dadabhai Naoroji not the first Indian to be elected to British parliament 94
About 91
Poisonous caterpillars infest Spurn Point in England 89
German anti war artist Käthe Kollwitz 86

7 thoughts on “Record number of visits to my blog this October

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