9 thoughts on “British ‘defence’ corporations helping ISIS

  1. So this isn’t a recent thing – your headline implies Britain alone has been selling to ISIS rather than what you article describes as the ‘looting’ of arms from Iraq. Please be careful of the brush you paint my country with, we’re not perfect I know (which country is) but no-one here of right mind in the UK supports these terrorists.


  2. We need cheap oil selling military equipment is a way of us getting energy for what we produce bombs and modern ways of killing people in particular killing those who we do not like as a bonus we do not like Mohamed and never have, we like Jesus other than the Jews who rightfully killed Jesus as not only a rebel against the state but also a dubious claim of being the Son of God! the Jews are awaiting the real messiah which happens to be me but having a disposition similar to Jesus having not the right CV for this position of honor but the difference being that I being a Gentile am not having the right credentials and background to be recognized and Jesus being the same kind of guy of the Jewish blood furthers me from this position and having therefor a doubtful pedigree? all the same the main thing about this claim I have is if you think you are you are? although Jesus was in bad faith as the 12 tribes knew they had made up the God story of the chosen people also knew that their story and in particular waiting for God man to arrive knew also know that the coming was a rather fanciful ideology at the same time needed more than the coming of Christ was real estate this also is part of the Jews conspiracy that is for the coming is it of little wonder they had a problem with the Messiah having a birth in a stable? is this reasonable that the on high would descend in to such a lowly condition? no! also I have been circumcised and this is the final proof I am the one to claim what we have as yet not seen is the second coming? and being a Australian which most enlightened individuals would say this is the most God forsaken place of Earth today any one coming here will note the barren quality of Australia, having many deserts and this where you expect the emergence of divine intervention, as the few who know me know I have never been to the Australian deserts but that is not the point? what matters is the fear Australians have? the freaky outback that haunts us all that we cling to a little strip of coast along the Eastern seaboard, what we know here is the outback is a disturbing feature that is a nightmare for those who live here, you only have to look at what happens to Aboriginals that do live in the outback to know they are emancipated and that’s what happens to you if you have lived here as ancestry of some 60 thousand years or so? if they cannot deal with it we as noble intruders of some two hundred years or not capable of living in the vast outback and not to be expected to do so? Yes the outback is where thousands of animals whether wild or domestic die and individuals such as Bourke died in the outback, yes this is the land of God whereby any that go in no one comes back to tell the tale? as with God any who having seen God do not come back to tell the tale?


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