Turkish government bombs Kurds, not ISIS

This video, from VICE News in the USA, says about itself:

NEWS to PKK/YPG | PKK isn’t terrorist! VICE News was at the PKK

29 August 2014

Washington DC – For those interested in the Middle East, few haven’t heard of the PKK. They are the Kurdish initials for the Kurdistan Workers Party, which has fought to achieve more cultural and political rights for Turkey’s 15 million Kurds since 1984.

The Turkish government considers the PKK ‘terrorists’. As Turkey is a NATO country, the governments of the USA and other NATO countries put the PKK on their lists of ‘terrorists’ as well (lists which not so long ago included, eg, Nelson Mandela).

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

‘Turkish air raids on PKK

Added: Tuesday 14 Oct 2014 09:50

Turkish warplanes have attacked targets of the PKK in Southeast Turkey, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported. It would be the first major air attacks on the PKK since two years ago peace negotiations started.

According to the newspaper F-16s and F-4s took off from bases in Diyarbakir and Malatya. The air strikes are said to have caused “extensive damage”.

In 2012, Turkey started peace talks with PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is in captivity. In the fighting between the Kurdish separatists and Turkey during thirty years, some 40,000 people were killed.


The airstrikes may increase tensions between Kurds and the Turkish government. Last week during Kurdish protests in Turkish cities at least twelve people were killed. Many Kurds believe that Turkey should do more against the terror group ISIS.

Kurds are distressed by the situation in the Syrian border town Kobani, near Turkey. ISIS fighters have been besieging the Kurdish town for weeks. Turkey has sent troops and tanks concentrated at the border but does not engage.

22 thoughts on “Turkish government bombs Kurds, not ISIS

  1. Demonstrators protesting against terrorist group Isis apologised yesterday after their action on the Severn Bridge led to major traffic delays.

    Around 10 cars stopped while on the westbound carriageway on Sunday.

    Demonstrators held up signs that read: “Do not let Isis commit acts of massacre in Kurdistan” and flew the Kurdish flag.

    Although the blockade lasted 15 minutes, it had a big knock-on effect on motorists travelling into Wales — causing miles of tailbacks.

    Protesters issued an apology for causing traffic chaos, but felt their action was the “only way” to get people’s attention.

    One of the demonstrators told ITV Wales: “We are really, really sorry for what we have done.

    “We all know this is not right but it’s the only way we can get your attention.”

    Gwent Police, which had not been told about the demo beforehand, said its officers arrived and helped to “facilitate a peaceful and safe protest” as well as to get traffic flowing again.



  2. Incirlik air base use not agreed

    Turkey: There is no new agreement between Washington and Ankara on using Turkish air bases for attacks against Isis militants, a Turkish official said yesterday.

    US defence officials claimed on Sunday that Turkey would allow coalition forces to use Incirlik air base to launch attacks on their erstwhile allies in Syria.

    But the Turkish official said the two sides were still wrangling yesterday over use of the base and Turkish demands for a no-fly zone and safe haven for refugees.



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  4. 31 dead as Minister calls protestors “a marginal group”

    The Turkish Interior Minister has held a press conference and announced the balance sheet of protest actions across Turkey since 6 October, which have been held in solidarity with the Kobanê resistance and in protest at the close relations of the AKP government with ISIS.

    Ala said 31 people had lost their lives, and 351 others were injured. While Ala admitted that 35 provinces have been impacted by the actions, he called the protestors “a marginal group”.

    Ala continued business as usual, blaming the opposition parties, CHP and HDP, for the actions turning violent. “31 persons have lost their lives in the actions. Most of them lost their lives during violent confrontations between opposing groups”, said Ala.

    Ala also gave the following details about the actions: “2 members of our security forces have fallen. 221 civilians were injured. 139 security officers, 125 of whom are police, 5 of whom are jandarma, were wounded. I wish get well soon to all of them. 351 people were wounded in total. 5 terrorists who launched an attack in Bingol were killed. The security guard wounded in Bingöl has been sent home. The condition of our chief of security is improving.”

    Ala added that 780 buildings, including 212 school building, 67 police buildings, 25 governate buildings, 29 party buildings, kindergardens, Kızılay (Red Crescent) blood centres and municipal buildings were set on fire, while in total 1113 buildings were destroyed.

    Interior Minister Ala also said: “In the violent protests, private cars, municipal vehicles, ambulances and police cars were set on fire, while in total 1177 vehicles were destroyed. 1024 people were detained and 58 of them have been formally arrested”.

    Ala has said nothing about the racist attacks, the police forces shouting “Long Live ISIS” or about state officials supporting the racist attacks, but said about these unprecedented protests, “A very marginal group is harming the region with violent actions. They have to stop”.

    Source: ANF – ANKARA 10-10-2014


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