‘Turkish government, don’t drag NATO into world war’, Dutch parliament says

This video says about itself:

Clashes, arrests as activists protest Turkish airstrikes in Syria & Iraq

25 July 2015

Clashes erupted after police confronted approximately 1,000 protesters who had been rallying in the centre of Ankara, Turkey, against Turkish military airstrikes in Syria and northern Iraq. Several dozen protesters were reportedly arrested.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Parliament: Turkey should not drag the Netherlands into war

Today, 07:55

The Lower House believes that Turkey “should not drag” the Netherlands and other NATO countries into war. A substantial majority worries about Turkish operations against the Kurds in northern Syria.

By firing projectiles at Syrian targets a NATO member threatens to become directly involved in the war in Syria, MPs say. They point to Article 5 of the NATO treaty. It says that an attack on one of the member states in Europe or North America will be perceived as an attack on all, and that all countries will help to fend off the attacker.


VVD [right-wing party, biggest party in the Dutch coalition government] spokesman Ten Broeke said in the NOS Radio 1 News that Turkey “is starting to become an uncomfortable friend“. According to him, Turkey should not make suggestions around Article 5, undermining the credibility of that article. “NATO must not move into adventures where possibly a different agenda hides behind.”

Also Socialist Party Member of Parliament Van Bommel stressed the need to avoid such a situation.


Christian Democrat Appeal MP Knops said that Turkey carries out its own agenda under the cover of NATO. “That makes it complicated and complex.”

His D66 [‘left liberal’] colleague Sjoerdsma stressed that the situation will become even more threatening if Turkey will send ground troops into Syria. “Then it would really appear that Turkey wants to drag us as a NATO ally into something and we should really avoid that.”

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government in Turkey has seized upon a terrorist attack carried out in the capital of Ankara as a pretext for escalating its military campaign against Kurdish-dominated regions in eastern Turkey, northern Syria and Iraq: here.

Turkish threats against Kurds set stage for ground invasion of Syria: here.

7 thoughts on “‘Turkish government, don’t drag NATO into world war’, Dutch parliament says

  1. Thursday 18th February 2016

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    Turkish president lashes out at friends and foe

    TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at friends and enemies alike yesterday after his plans to invade Syria unravelled.

    He angrily rejected calls by the UN security council for Turkey to halt its shelling of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia, saying Ankara “has no such plans.”

    Fighting between the YPG and al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front and allied Ahrar ash-Sham continued as the Kurds consolidated their grip on the shrinking Azaz corridor.

    And Mr Erdogan hit out at the US for failing to support his scheme of a six-mile “safe zone” for those terrorist groups south of the border with Turkey.

    “Oh America! You did not say Yes to a no-fly zone,” he lamented.

    “Now the Russian planes are running wild over there, and thousands and tens of thousands of victims are dying. Weren’t we coalition forces? Weren’t we to act together?”

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier withdrew her support for the move after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov warned that it would need the consent of both the Syrian government and the UN security council.

    Ms Merkel later refloated her proposal on the unlikely proviso that it could be agreed between Syria and its allies Russia and Iran on the one hand and the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia on the other.

    And troops backed by Palestinian Liberation Army fighters broke the Army of Islam’s grip on a stretch of the M5 motorway to Homs north of Douma near Damascus.

    In north Latakia province soldiers reportedly reached the outskirts of Kinsibba, the last town held by Turkmen militias — including fascist Grey Wolves militants from Turkey.



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