‘Erdogan, Trump want Dutch extradition of Turkish political refugee’

This video says about itself:

‘I was tortured in Turkey‘ – BBC News

28 November 2016

The UN’s special investigator on torture has arrived in Turkey following allegations of rape and abuse by the country’s security forces, after July’s failed coup. Tens of thousands of people have been jailed in a crackdown that has been condemned by activists and several western governments. Mark Lowen‘s report contains details some viewers may find disturbing.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

“Ankara wants the Netherlands to extradite Turkish activist”

Today, 14:17

The Turkish authorities are working on a request to the Netherlands to extradite a Turkish militant left-wing activist to Turkey. This report Associated Press and the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet on the basis of statements by an anonymous Turkish official. The USA is said to want to join in the request for extradition. …

According to the anonymous source, Turkey has determined that the woman fled from Greece to Netherlands. She would have been seen recently at a demonstration outside the German embassy in The Hague. …

Seher Demir Sen is known as one of the leaders of the outlawed DHKP-C, or the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front. Which is in Turkey, the US and the EU on the lists of terrorist organizations. …

The relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey has cooled considerably due to the Dutch refusal to have political speeches by Turkish ministers on Dutch soil. The Netherlands also criticizes the treatment of political dissidents and political prisoners by the Turkish judiciary.

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