‘Feed hungry Syrian civilians? We’ll kill you’, al-Qaeda ‘moderates’ say

This video says about itself:

Syrian refugees face roadblock in Hungary

31 August 2015

Refugees from Syria and North Africa face uncertainty and hardship as they try to enter Europe. Charlie D’Agata reports from the border between Serbia and Hungary, where the Hungarian government has been building a fence to hold back the influx of desperate immigrants.

By James Tweedie:

Moderates‘ vow to kill food smugglers

Thursday 11th February 2016

Islamists ‘will execute’ anyone breaking rebel siege

WESTERN-BACKED “moderates” in Syria are threatening to publicly execute anyone supplying food to besieged government-held areas.

The edict from the self-styled Judicial Council of the Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest) was posted on the Twitter account of the web-based Terror Monitor and translated for the Morning Star.

The group’s decree, issued on Monday, said that it must be circulated to all mosques and imams in the areas under its domination by today.

It orders that anyone caught smuggling food, fuel or other human necessities into the besieged villages of Kafarya and Fu’ah, north-east of Idlib city, will be executed in the square of their home town.

The statement is peppered with fundamentalist and sectarian language, referring to President Bashar al-Assad’s government as the “criminal Alawite regime” — a reference to the Shi’ite sect that the Assad family belongs to and those who help it as “defectors in the army of Satan.”

The Army of Conquest, which occupies the northern Syrian city of Idlib and most of the surrounding province, is an alliance of extremist factions, with the two most prominent being the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham, which boasts 10,000-20,000 guerillas.

Ahrar as-Sham’s inclusion in the Saudi-backed High Negotiations Committee (HNC), along with the equally brutal Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam), provoked protests from Syria and Russia that terrorists had been invited to the Geneva negotiating table.

While the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and the religious fundamentalist fighters paid by them were invited to the Geneva negotiating table, the Syrian Kurds, the only effective force fighting ISIS on the ground, were excluded. At the request of the Turkish Erdogan government and their NATO allies, of the Saudi Arabian government, etc.

But the HNC refused to enter the UN-mediated talks until the government agreed to their precondition of a unilateral ceasefire and the free flow of supplies to insurgent pockets.

Crucially the decree speaks of “liberating the Islamic State of al-Sham” (Isis).

The HNC finally abandoned any pretence of negotiation last week after the Syrian army, backed by Lebanese Hezbollah guerillas and Russian air strikes, cut their main supply line from Turkey north of Aleppo.

Monday’s edict claims a humanitarian motive for starving the population of the two villages into surrender or death, declaring that the aim is to end the army’s sieges of militant-held areas.

One of those areas is the town of Madaya, where Ahrar ash-Sham gunmen opened fire overnight on Wednesday on a Red Crescent convoy evacuating three sick people. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Al-Nusra is being presented to the West as a moderate force. It’s nothing of the sort. The jihadist force’s reputation is being cleaned up, to suggest it is deserving of CIA support: here.

The execution that sickened even ISIS: Woman accused of adultery is shot by Al Qaeda in Syria… but even rival Islamists say a veiled woman should not have been killed: here.

30 thoughts on “‘Feed hungry Syrian civilians? We’ll kill you’, al-Qaeda ‘moderates’ say

  1. Thursday 11th
    posted by James Tweedie in World

    GERMAN prosecutors said yesterday they had charged a 58-year-old Turkish man with membership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

    The man — identified only as Bedrettin K, with his full surname not given — was charged with “membership of a foreign terrorist organisation.”

    Prosecutors claimed the man, using the codename “Ali,” served as a regional PKK leader in Germany from 2012 until his arrest in August 2015, collecting donations and organising political events.

    A spokesperson for the British-based Peace in Kurdistan campaign said Mr K was “just one of the hundreds of people who have been criminalised in Germany since the 1980s anti-terror laws.

    “It continues today when the Kurds have made every effort to resolve the situation peacefully,” she added.

    Meanwhile, Turkey’s leaders hit out at the United States and the United Nations over the war in neighbouring Syria.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned Washington for not declaring the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) a terrorist organisation, as it has the PKK.

    “You failed to know [these groups],” he said. “That’s why the region is drenched in blood.”

    And Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu criticised the UN’s call for Turkey to open its borders to those fleeing recent Syrian army victories, claiming the world body had done nothing to stop the government or its Russian allies.

    But their rage may have been provoked by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) capturing Menagh air base, just south of the broder town of Azaz, from Ahrar as-Sham.

    Turkey, Germany’s Nato ally, has waged a brutal crackdown on Kurdish regions since a two-year ceasefire with the PKK broke down in July last year.



  2. Netherlands: Mounted police charge at pro-Kurdish protesters at The Hague

    10 February 2016

    Mounted police dispersed a pro-Kurdish rally of hundreds in front of parliament in The Hague, Wednesday, where a meeting between Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu was taking place.

    The protest was reportedly aimed at Turkey’s armed campaign against members of the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and various other affiliated organisations in the predominately Kurdish south-east of Turkey.


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