Dutch air force non-commissioned officer joins ISIS


Dutch NOS TV reports today that a Dutch air force sergeant has gone to Syria to join the terrorist ISIS movement.

The Dutch Minister of War … sorry, I am supposed to use the euphemism ‘Defence’, Ms Hennis-Plasschaert, reacted to this today (translated):

It hurts when it appears that someone joins evil, while his colleagues risk their lives for the freedom of other human beings.

Ms Hennis-Plasschaert is simplistic in counterposing here ‘evil’ ISIS to the armed forces of the Netherlands and their NATO and other allies, supposedly being all about ‘freedom’.

Without any doubt ISIS is evil.

However, how about war crimes by Dutch armed forces in Indonesia? And, more recently, in Afghanistan? And killing civilians when they helped George W Bush in his brutal occupation of Iraq?

In Dutch, and other, armed forces, the aim is to kill people. In ISIS, the aim is to kill people. Often (not always) different people; often (not always) for different reasons. Still, the transition for this air force sergeant who went to Syria is not one from absolute good to evil.

Talking about Syria. In 2013, if peace movements would not have protested, and British Prime Minister David Cameron’s war plans would not have been defeated in the House of Commons … then Britain, the USA, and other NATO countries, probably including the Netherlands, would have been at war in Syria, on the same side as al Qaeda and ISIS.

So, this air force sergeant is going one step further from what almost became official NATO policy in 2013.

He might have been inspired in this by his ex-commander in chief. In May 2014, on Dutch radio, General Peter van Uhm praised the jihadists in Syria. This blog wrote then:

General Peter van Uhm in 2008-2012 was commander-in-chief of the Dutch armed forces. Which then, as now, were involved in war in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Now, retired General Van Uhm has expressed sympathy for confused Dutch teenagers going to the bloody war in Syria. Boys who often end up there in fanatically religious sectarian paramilitary organisations, with big chances of getting disabled or killed. Or girls, who may end up as ‘religious military prostitutes‘, and have big chances of getting disabled or killed too.

According to distraught parents of misguided Dutch teenagers joining jihadis in Syria, the Dutch government is not helping those parents to stop that.

There are more reasons why Minister Hennis-Plasschaert is simplistic in totally counterposing ISIS to ‘pro-freedom’ Dutch armed forces and their allies. Many of the allies of the Dutch government in the present, officially anti-ISIS, war in the Middle East, are dictatorships. From the Saudi absolute monarchy, a staunch ally of NATO countries, came ISIS’ fanatical sectarian Wahhabi ideology, their cruel beheadings, lots of money, etc. From the Bahraini absolute monarchy, another staunch ally of NATO countries, came officers from its sectarian armed forces for ISIS, money for ISIS, etc. From the Qatari absolute monarchy came … etc.

From the Turkish Erdogan government, NATO allies of Minister Hennis-Plasschaert, came lots of support for ISIS.

Other NATO governments, like David Cameron‘s in Britain, secretly arm jihadis in Syria as well.

The only effective force fighting ISIS are Turkish and Syrian Kurds. However, like other NATO governments including David Cameron’s and the Australian government, the Dutch government which includes Ms Hennis-Plasschaert, has defamed these Kurdish opponents of ISIS as ‘terrorists’.

Australia’s prime minister has drawn fire from the Jewish community after he compared Islamic State with Hitler’s Germany, saying the jihadists are in some respects “worse than the Nazis”: here.

U.S. SOLDIER CHARGED WITH ALLEGEDLY ATTEMPTING TO SUPPORT ISIS. [Iraq and Afghanistan veteran] Ikaika Erik Kang is accused of “attempting to provide material support to Islamic State [ISIS] extremists, including a drone aircraft and combat training instructions.” [Reuters]

4 thoughts on “Dutch air force non-commissioned officer joins ISIS

  1. Tuesday 22nd September 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    ISLAMIC State’s proclaimed image of a “jihadist utopia” has been shattered by dozens of defections, London-based researchers declared yesterday.

    At least 58 individuals have left the group and spoken out publicly since January 2014, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence researchers at King’s College found.

    Some fled after they were disappointed by the “quality of life” in territory controlled by Isis and realised that the image of luxury goods and cars that lured them to join in the first place did not materialise.

    Defectors were also found to have left after being outraged with the group’s brutality and disillusioned by corruption in the ranks.

    The study said the growing number of defections “shatter Isis’s image as a united, cohesive and ideologically committed organisation.

    “Many of its own fighters have deep concerns about the group’s strategy and tactics.”



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