13 thoughts on “Kate Middleton, British royals, and Berlusconi

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  2. Hypocrisy of media and the ruling class

    The most farcical reaction to the topless pictures of Kate Middleton has come from Richard Desmond, the chairman of media company Northern & Shell.

    Desmond part-owns The Irish Daily Star which published the photos. He declared, “I am taking immediate steps to close down the joint venture. Northern & Shell condemns it in the strongest possible terms.”

    All very admirable. Except Richard Desmond is a pornographer. He has built his media empire on the profits of such titles as Horny Housewives and Only 18.

    He also owns porn TV channels, the celebrity magazine OK! and The Star and The Daily Express, which run near-daily campaigns against immigrants and asylum-seekers.

    Desmond has spent his life exploiting women’s sexuality for profit. It’s only in the case of Middleton that this squalid man takes the position as a champion of public taste and a guardian of “privacy”.

    It’s nice to know that even a pornographer has limits. They’re where the ruling-class are involved.

    Sasha Simic, east London



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  6. Vultures circle body of dead woman

    Right wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch last week speculated that the Sun might soon get rid of the soft porn on its Page 3.

    But within days the paper reminded the world how low its other pages could stoop in terms of objectifying women.

    Its cover story was the killing of model Reeva Steenkamp by her athlete boyfriend.

    It struggled to fit the victim’s name on the page—but there was plenty of space for a full length shot of her in a bikini.

    The Mirror’s website went one further with an almost naked photo on its website.

    A murder is bad news—but not for the creeps who run the sexist British media.

    The papers that every day publish long lens shots of female celebrities raged at the Australian mag that ran photos of Duchess Kate in her bikini.

    It seems it’s fine to exploit images of women’s bodies without consent—but only when they don’t belong to the royals.



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