31 thoughts on “Olympics, William Blake, suffragettes, punk, Bahrain

  1. Nice post. The Olympics bores me to no end from a sports point of view. Not to mention all the massive gentrification and politics that goes along with the games. Barcelona sold their gypsies to Albacete before the 1992 games (this according to my friend from Albacete). Hmmm….


      • Hi, thanks for the link. I read the post. I agree with you on the gentrification and politics (and corporate sponsorshipo etc.) around the games. However, I think I am more interested than you in individual sports (cycling etc.), and also in team sports like hockey and water polo at the games.

        Baseball is not at the games anymore. Maybe because it is only really played in the Americas, Japan, the Netherlands, and Italy?


        • Don’t forget Korea and all of the Caribbean…venezuela, Dominican Republic….Nicaragua, Mexico.
          There’s a lot of sports in the Olympics with fewer nations participating. I just think that out of the ‘big’ Olympic countries, only the US participates in baseball so it’s gone. Not that I care about it….Olympic baseball was even less exciting than olympic soccer.


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  3. Hi, I indeed forgot Korea, but not Venezuela etc. (part of “the Americas”).

    I also forgot Olympic team sports like handball, volleyball, and beach volleyball 🙂


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  6. W. Blake! An old, old friend of mine. 😉
    Between his quotes about fools and trees,
    I fell. Who needs a medal when the soul
    is our golden treasure hidden within?

    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree


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  13. Boyle: Hard times to blame for Games lull

    Danny Boyle said today he believed hard financial times have made it difficult for the spirit of the Games to last.

    The 2012 Olympics creative director, who was praised for his work in masterminding London’s £27 million Olympic opening ceremony, said he felt the positive effect of the Games before they started and after they ended.



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