British Conservative Olympic failure

This video from Britain is called Boris Johnson gets stuck on a zip wire in London’s Victoria Park.

From daily The Morning Star in England:

Bungling Tory gets strung up

Wednesday 01 August 2012

London Mayor Boris Johnson risked violating the Games‘ restricted airspace today after he got stuck on a zipline.

The flummoxed Tory dangled helplessly, Union Jacks in hand, over Victoria Park near the Olympic Stadium after an publicity stunt went awry.

Mr Johnson told onlookers 20m below he was “very well thank you,” before calling for a ladder.

The fall from grace could be seen as karmic justice just days after the mayor confirmed he had invited the most hated man in media, Rupert Murdoch, to an Olympic event as a guest of honour.

Boris Johnson gets stuck on a zip wire: the Photoshop parodies: here.

The accumulated impact of corporate sponsorship on each successive games is extinguishing whatever remains of the original Olympic ideal: here.

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