Most popular posts on this blog in 2012

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On this first day of 2013, a final (??) look back at this blog in 2012.

Which posts on Dear Kitty. Some blog attracted most visits last year?

2012-01-02 to Today

Title Views
Home page / Archives 21,223
British Thatcher aide accused of child abuse 5,587
After 35 years, wounds of Vietnamese napalm girl Kim Phuc still hurt 2,012
Boy raped by priest, then castrated 1,555
Günter Grass poem on Greece and austerity, English translation 1,392
About 1,046
Thatcher’s Downing Street child abuse scandal 973
BBC: Pope Ratzinger ‘covered up paedophile priests scandals’. Like US Republicans 673
Dinosaur discovery in France 666
New African monkey species discovered 662
Bahraini king’s sexual harassment of Lebanese singer 553
Blog of the Year 2012 award, thanks dogdaz! 521
King of Spain, elephant killer, petition 507
Dutch war crimes in Indonesia, photos 461
Donald Trump’s sons butcher African elephants (?) 447
Scotland: giant centipede, crocodile, and other fossils brought back to life 402
New Zealand rare whale discovery 397
Tony Blair got rich from Iraq war 388
Thai women’s escape from Bahraini forced prostitution 382
Georgian prison sexual abuse 336
Galapagos islands: why Darwin’s finches differ in beak size 335
Iranian cartoon for peace 324
Long-tailed tits, owls, and flowers 319
Will US soldier escape punishment for rape of Dutch girl? 311
Pompeii: ancient Roman brothel restored. Roman plants 285
Numbers in ancient Egypt 281
Brigitte Bardot’s Islamophobia and anti-Semitism 250
Dutch Romantic paintings and African mats 250
Photomontage from John Heartfield to the Iraq war 244
US Republicans’ far-Right extremism 233
Ultra-Orthodox attack on Israeli women’s rights 231
How do leopards really get their spots? 220
Swedish nazis attack ‘degenerate art’ 219
Hurricane Sandy in America, a ‘Frankenstorm’? 219
Baby rhino and elephant born 203
New civet species discovered in Sri Lanka 200
Olympics, William Blake, suffragettes, punk, Bahrain 200
Britain: Tony Blair’s own Watergate scandal 198
CIA weapons for war in Syria 195
Moroccan elephant ancestor discovered 192
Nikon cancels World War II sex slavery photo exhibition 183
Poisonous caterpillars infest Spurn Point in England 181
Senegal, Gambia, Casamance’s history of slavery 178
Obama lizard became extinct with dinosaurs 174
South Korean rat race child prostitution 172
Merkel’s Hitler moustache on Dutch TV 170
USA: beaver back in New York City after 200 years 168
Blog of the Year 2012 award, thanks Russell! 165
German nazi shop ‘almost’ named after Breivik 163
Jamaica: rare birds threatened by bauxite mining 163
Cartoon banned in Spain. Muslim-bashing ‘free speech champions’ silent 163
King Juan Carlos, resign, WWF says 155
German anti war artist Käthe Kollwitz 153
Birds in seventeenth century painting 146
Birds and other animals of Madagascar wetlands 145
Sperm whale, humpback beaching update 142
Dutch humpback whale near Texel, update 137
Britain’s Somalia war for oil, not humanitarianism 137
Israeli woman attacked by religious fanatics 136
Trafigura boss Dauphin prosecuted for pollution 134
Dinosaur footprints discovery at NASA space base 128
First carnivorous dinosaur tracks discovered in Victoria, Australia 121
Saudi princess’ cruel revenge on Egyptian woman 119
Sarkozy, bye bye? 118
Hobbit movie animals died, actors abused 117
Good Irish whale news 116
Great white shark, megalodon, and evolution 115
Dutch priests raped, castrated boys, government covered up 115
USA: Indians massacred in 1853 found 112
Greenpeace, Xena fight Shell Arctic drilling 112
More poison in fish than in snakes or other animals 110
Beached humpback whale Netherlands, videos 110
Sauropod dinosaur discovery in Antarctica 108
British warplanes for Saudi dictatorship 108
Tour de France cycling and Swiss dinosaurs 106
Kestrel and great egrets 106
19-year-old Egyptian girl invents spacecraft propulsion device 106
JPMorgan Chase scandal in the USA 106
Mosasaur discovered in Maastricht 105
Dutch stranded humpback whale update 104
Van Gogh museum on animals and art 100
‘Priest raped, murdered Dutch little girl’, Vatican covered up 99
Great blue heron nest webcam 99
Brufut Woods in Gambia, birds and squirrels 99
Portuguese architecture and house martin nests 99
Humpback whale beaches on Dutch island 97
Medieval Islamic and later Portuguese poetry 96
Colossal squid caught near Antarctica 96
Red-tailed hawk nest webcam 96
After Imelda Marcos, fashion lines by Rice and Rumsfeld? 95
Australian marsupial mole fossil discovery 94
From Kotu to a vultures’ dead donkey feast 94
Albino humpback whale off Svalbard 94
Gila monster lizard’s poison helps diabetics 93
Bahraini democrats attacked by police 92

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