12 thoughts on “General Tlass, NATO’s new Syrian dictator?

  1. 1) Haytham Manna at the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi, Italy
    2) Salama Kaileh: Assad?s collapse imminent
    3) Statement Syrian Left Coalition


    1) Discuss with leaders and activists of the Syrian popular uprising
    Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi, Italy, 23-26 August, 2012

    Haytham Manna is the foreign representative of the ?National Co-ordination Body for
    Democratic Change? (NBC) and as such one of the most vocal and prominent figures of the
    Syrian left as well as of the anti-imperialist wing of the current democratic people?s

    Speech and public debate
    with Haytham Manna
    Thursday, August 23rd, 9pm

    The NBC is a coalition of democratic forces which are taking part in the popular
    rebellion under the well-known slogan of the three NOs:

    No to foreign intervention!
    No to militarization and civil war!
    No sectarianism!



    2) Salameh Kaileh: Assad?s collapse imminent
    Popular movement will prevail over foreign meddling

    Salameh Kaileh is a Palestinian-Syrian author, political activist and Marxist
    intellectual representing the Syrian Left Coalition. He was arrested anew on April 24,
    2012. Having been tortured, he was eventually deported from Syria where he had spent
    three decades.

    Kaileh insisted that the majority of the population does not want to be drawn into a
    sectarian civil war. Actually the tendency is even reverse. While in the first stage the
    minorities maintained passivity out of fear from Sunni fundamentalism they are today
    joining the anti-regime protests. Even among Allawis the support to Assad is less than
    being reported. Instead of threatening them ? as some opposition forces happen to do ? it
    is the task of the opposition to convince them and to take away their fears by bold
    political guarantees.



    3) Damascus uprising calling upon soldiers to switch side
    Statement of the Syrian Left Coalition

    All Syrians follow the huge revolutionary developments which overwhelmed the capital
    Damascus in the past two days, knowing that what the media covers is less than what
    happens in the uprising capital. It confirms the persistence of the revolution and its
    marsh towards victory. Everybody can see the weakness of the regime, the dispersion of
    its forces and its tendency towards disintegration.

    The revolutionary democratic awareness has awakened among all the people of Syria. We are
    confident that the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, who are the sons of the revolting
    people, will rebel against their commanders, will break their fear and tradition of
    military submission that chain them. The spirit of freedom and people?s revolution has
    entered all the military barracks, have entered the hearts of all of the soldiers and


    Anti-imperialist Camp

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  6. Urgent Statement by the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change

    National Coordination Body’s Media Office / Exile Branch

    On Thursday, five members of the delegation from the National Coordination Body returned to Damascus from the People’s Republic of China. Following their departure from Damascus International Airport after 5pm two cars were travelling together, but contact was lost with one of them. That car was carrying Abdelaziz Alkhayyer, Head of the Office of Foreign Relations Office of the NCB, Iyas Ayash member of the Executive Committee and a leader of the Arab Socialist Movement, and friend Maher Tahan who came to pick them up. There has been no contact with them since.


  7. Al Khayyer arrested by Syrian Air Force Intelligence
    Regime responds to tomorrow’s opposition conference in Damascus

    On Thursday, September 20th, Abdelaziz Al Khair, a senior leader of the main domestic opposition coalition “National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change” (NCB) was arrested along Iyas Ayash, member of the Executive Committee of the NCB and a leader of the Arab Socialist Movement, as well as Maher Tahan.

    According to Haitham Manna, the international spokesman of the NCB, the arrests took place by the hands of the Air Force Intelligence. They are held incommunicado in the prison of the Al Mazzeh military airport near Damascus. The regime, however, denies any involvement and accuses “terrorist groups”.

    This happens against the backdrop of an opposition conference scheduled for Sunday, September 23rd. Organised by the NCB, the conference calls for a political solution in order to stop the violence. Despite the kidnapping of important leaders the organisers nevertheless will attempt to hold the event.


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