Expensive British royal jubilee

This music video from England is called Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen (Studio).

While the poor in Britain get poorer … weekly Socialist Worker reports:

Tue 8 May 2012

Let them eat cake! The £10m jubilee festival ‘fit for a queen’

It’s a Marie Antoinette moment for the jubilee as we learn it will feature a cake portrait of the queen—made up of 3,120 individual cakes.

As ordinary people struggle to afford their weekly shop, the 94 square foot monstrosity will use 1,000 eggs, 50kg of butter and 150kg of sugar.

It’s all organic of course.

The cake is just part of the £10.5 million London diamond jubilee festival and river pageant planned for 3 June.

Organisers say it will be “a festival fit for the queen”. What does that mean?

First, eight enormous church bells—named Elizabeth, Philip, Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward, William and Henry—will be rung from a floating belfry.

Then the queen’s new £1 million gold-plated barge Gloriana will lead a 1,000-boat flotilla down the Thames. It will stretch for over 12 miles.

Not enough pageantry for you? Not to worry.

The next day the queen will light a beacon at a concert in her honour—using a huge diamond-shaped crystal.

There’s also the Windsor Castle celebration, being held this week.

It will feature a parade of 500 of the finest horses in the world—some flown in by private jet at a cost of up to £40,000 each.

But just remember—we’re all in it together.

If you can’t quite cope with it all, help is at hand. The official merchandise includes a diamond jubilee whisky flask.

However, it seems not everyone is welcome to join in the jubilee celebrations.

The police have banned a jubilee party at a Sheffield community centre—after finding out it was planning to play R&B, reggae and soul music.

Tickets were to be sold from a Caribbean restaurant.

The police claimed that they feared the event at the Everyone Centre in Heeley might really be of a “different nature” to what the organisers said.

Manchester City Council was forced today to defend a decision to splash nearly £40,000 on a visit by Elizabeth Windsor two weeks after approving millions in budget cuts: here.

By Barry Mason:

9 May 2012

Nearly 130,000 people, including more than 45,000 children, used food banks operated by the Trussell Trust in the UK last year.

This represents an increase of more than 100 percent over the previous year. The trust is a Christian charity, whose remit is “to empower local communities to combat poverty and exclusion in the UK and Bulgaria.”

People who use its food bank services are given a minimum of a three-day supply of emergency foodstuffs made up of milk, sugar, fruit juice, soup, pasta sauces, tinned fruit, rice and sponge puddings, tinned tomatoes, pasta, tinned meat and other basic staples.

The Trussell Trust is the only body operating food banks in the UK. They are a relatively new phenomenon. A Coventry University report of November 2011 noted that although charitable food assistance programmes were well established in some developed countries such as the US and Canada, they were not common in the UK. But since the early 2000s, there had been a rise in organised food provision “in the form of both community food banks and food redistribution programmes.”

Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of Elizabeth Windsor, has received at least £320,000 from exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, according to weekend reports: here.

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