21 thoughts on “Bahrain torture boss at royal wedding

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  2. Administrator on May 10, 2011 at 9:15 pm said:

    Monarchy has its uses

    Socialist Worker clearly did not like the royal wedding. But many are fascinated with the royal family, and they may not be as foolish as you think.

    Royalty are unelected. But when did most of us last elect our managements?

    Employees have no say in those who have power over our lives.

    Ceremonial figureheads do have a use in keeping the pomp and circumstance away from elected politicians.

    This enables them to get on with the job and avoids them becoming charismatic figures, which is a gift to the right.

    I think we should concentrate on getting rid of capitalism, and realise why the royal family are so attractive to many.

    Jonathan Goll, Birmingham

    Guarding rich and powerful

    The royal wedding showed the state of our nation and the divided nature of the class system.

    The police and military are preparing for savage cuts, yet they policed this display of pomp and pageantry.

    They were protecting the grotesquely rich and famous.

    Jay Thompson, Newcastle

    Shelley would not be stunned

    After all the stomach-turning guff that’s been poured out about the royal wedding, perhaps the last word should go to the poet Shelley:

    “Monarchy is only the string that ties the robber’s bundle.”

    Ken Montague, West London

    Royalty is a sham

    I was a member of the Socialist Workers Party many years ago, and even though my membership is lapsed I still feel very strongly about its ideals.

    The royal wedding only underpinned why I still believe in them.

    The royals live in total opulence, indulgence and have a complete disregard for what the working class is up against in this time of capitalist domination.

    As soon as the public can see the sham that is royalty for what they are, and not the media-fueled indoctrination we are force-fed, the better.

    It won’t be soon enough.

    Graham Chuck, South Brent, Devon



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