5 thoughts on “Miniskirt ban in Italy

  1. Police injured in rubbish dispute

    Italy: At least 20 police officers were injured in Terzigno on Thursday night in clashes with protesters.

    The protest was over a plan to open a landfill at the Vesuvio National Park.

    Residents of the town outside Naples, complain that they already have to contend with a rubbish dump in the area.

    Naples and the surrounding area have suffered refuse crises for years, the result of corruption, poor management and infiltration by local gangs.


  2. Mini Skirt Ban….Yeah right! they tried this once in the USA and it did not work at all. DO you not think that there is another issue out there that could be better served then banning the mini skirt. Seems like Italy can now afford to take care of some of their own debts to the USA for WWII…..

  3. It’s like this if it is approperiate and you have the body and attitude to pull it off why not! Good
    Grief when did it become a sin to show your legs. There are a multidude of sins out there but we really don’t talk about them. So why this and now?
    Best Regards,

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