After Poland, Rightist politicians against miniskirts in the USA

Lindsay Lohan in a miniskirt

After the war in both Poland and the USA by Rightist politicians against gay people, and in Poland against miniskirts, their colleagues in the USA follow suit on miniskirts.

From PEEK blog in the USA:

Melissa McEwan: [Republican] Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee knows what the real threat to America is…short skirts.

Talking about anti gay; from Direland blog:

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, yesterday voted overwhelmingly to pass two bills designed to ban the Gay Pride March in Jerusalem scheduled for June 21.

Both bills were introduced by ultra-right religious parties.

Alice Schwarzer and miniskirts: here.

Nigeria’s immorality is about hypocrisy, not miniskirts; a bill that seeks to stop women dressing indecently shows how warped our notions of culture have become: here.

12 thoughts on “After Poland, Rightist politicians against miniskirts in the USA

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