Berlusconi loses immunity

This video about called Italy’s Berlusconi‘s escort scandal.

From National Public Radio in the USA:

Berlusconi Loses Immunity

2:14 pm

October 7, 2009

By Mark Memmott

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who’s under quite a bit of suspicion over charges of alleged corruption and personal misbehavior, today lost the immunity from prosecution that his political partners gave him last year.

Italy’s Constitutional Court, as the Associated Press writes, overturned a 2008 law “that had caused the suspension of a trial in which Berlusconi was charged with ordering the 1997 payment of at least $600,000 to British lawyer David Mills in exchange for the lawyer’s false testimony at two hearings in other corruption cases in to the 1990s.”

NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli says the ruling cannot be appealed and that there are two other cases against Berlusconi that can now proceed:

Hear the rest in the audio, here on the NPR site.

See also here. And here. And here.

Berlusconi To “Bombard” Foreign Press With Propaganda: here.

A power struggle has developed within the Italian bourgeoisie in the past few weeks and calls for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s resignation are becoming increasingly louder: here.

16 thoughts on “Berlusconi loses immunity

  1. Sexist PM’s jibe prompts anger

    Italy: More than 100,000 women have signed a petition saying they are offended by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after he made a sexist remark to an opposition politician.

    Mr Berlusconi made the jibe during a call to a late-night talk show that featured, among other guests, 58-year-old former minister Rosy Bindi, who is known for her conservative dress sense.

    “You are always more beautiful than intelligent,” Mr Berlusconi told her, sparking outrage across the country.


  2. Camorra probe hits MP

    Arrest warrant for Berlusconi party governorship candidate

    10 November, 14:07

    (ANSA) – Rome, November 10 – An MP in Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party has been accused of illegal dealings with the Camorra, the Naples Mafia.

    A Naples prosecutor wants to arrest Nicola Cosentino, 50, who is economic undersecretary in Berlusconi’s government, and has sent his warrant to the Italian parliament.

    Under Italian law, warrants against MPs have to be cleared by the house to which he belongs, in this case the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House).

    Cosentino, who denies the charges, has been accused by Camorra informants of collusion in illegal waste disposal with the notorious Casalesi clan, a Camorra family featured in writer Roberto Saviano’s bestselling expose’ Gomorrah.

    Cosentino is a native of Casal di Principe, where the Casalesi are based.

    He has described the informants’ allegations as “baseless stuff from the 1990s”. The probe has called into question Cosentino’s bid to become president of Campania, the region around Naples, in elections early next year.

    Chamber of Deputies Speaker Gianfranco Fini, one of Berlusconi’s key allies, said Tuesday Cosentino’s candidacy was no longer feasible, whether the House authorises prosecutor Raffaele Picirillo’s arrest warrant or not.

    “I don’t think (the bid) is possible any more,” he told Sky television.


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