After gay bashing, miniskirt and make-up bashing by Polish rightist government

Lindsay Lohan in a miniskirt

From the Independent in South Africa:

Warsaw – Polish conservative Catholic lawmaker Artur Zawisza has proposed the introduction of legislation against “sexual temptation” which may include penalties for wearing miniskirts or heavy make-up as well as low-cut or see-through blouses.

According to Monday’s edition of Newsweek Polska magazine, the MP and member of the right-wing Law and Justice party has drawn up the plans as part of a bid to stamp out the roadside vice trade along Poland’s arterial highways, by restricting the garb of working girls.

See also here.

After gay bashing and Franco and Hitler worshiping in the Rightist government coalition in Poland, what next?

Maybe banning headscarves for Muslim women as well, as “good” Islamophobes (not for nuns and other Roman Catholic women, probably)?

And maybe mandatory “burqas” (not “Afghan Islamic” “burqas”, God forbid; “Catholic Polish” “burqas”, of course), in parallel to the old Afghanistan of the Taliban, and the “new” Afghanistan of George W. Bush, that big ally of the Polish Right?

And no proposed legislation against “sexual temptation” by men, “of course”.

Hello Kitty make-up set


13 thoughts on “After gay bashing, miniskirt and make-up bashing by Polish rightist government

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