10 thoughts on “British royal pregnancy and US republic

  1. Is it just me that is more concerned about the relative financial safety of the elderly and/or disabled members of the British public than I am about some girl who married a royal who happens to have become pregnant? Dear US of A, please notice how excited I am *not*!


    • No, I don’t think it is just you in Britain:

      The Morning Star has not mentioned the royal pregnancy at all, according to a search in its archives.

      And Socialist Worker writes:

      Pippa’s wisdom is worth every penny

      “In most ways I’m a typical girl in her 20s trying to forge a career,” says Pippa Middleton. But what’s less typical about the royal sister-in-law is her book deal. She got a £400,000 advance to share what she learned from her parents’ multi-million pound party tat factories.

      Happily, the family business website gave her a glowing review. And the 417 page opus doesn’t just contain endless glossy photos of Pippa—including five on the cover alone.

      Where else could you find such pearls of wisdom as having a bonfire on bonfire night, or an explanation of what conkers are? And all for just £25.

      But there’s bad news for Pippa’s sister, Kate. She maintains that regal skin tone with £150 facials of bee venom.

      But those bees are in mortal danger. New research reveals they are more than twice as likely to die from pesticide exposure than previously thought. But the government has so far refused to bring in regulation.



  2. Excellent post! Every child is special. I love a quote by Dr. Seuss: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” I find it disheartening when we consider one child’s life more important than any other…


    • Indeed Clanmother, it is true. Every child is special. And also, all that media hullaballoo around this one pregnancy has now apparently tragically caused the suicide of a nurse who had been tricked by an Australian DJ into telling things which were supposedly state secrets … and the nurse probably could probably no longer stand the vilification after that …


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