British government’s Saudi allies promote terrorism in Britain

This video says about itself:

4 July 2017

May accused of suppressing UK ‘extremism’ funding report

British Prime Minister Theresa May has come under pressure over a report into the funding of extremism in the UK.

Opposition MPs say May is reluctant to publish the document because she does not want to damage relations with Saudi Arabia.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London.

Al Jazeera is connected to the government of Qatar. Until recently, the Qatari government had a relatively good relationship with the oppressive monarchies of, eg, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. They sent soldiers (recently withdrawn) to help the Saudi monarchy’s bloody war on the people of Yemen. Which meant self-censorship for Al Jazeera (like for United States CNN) in reporting on Saudi or Bahraini governmental human rights violations.

However, recently a conflict broke out between Qatar and the Saudi, Bahraini etc. dictatorships. With bad consequences for, eg, Egyptian and other foreign workers in Qatar. But, it looks like good effects in less self-censorship in Al Jazeera reporting.

This 6 July 2017 video is more extensive. It is called Are The Saudi’s Funding Islamic Extremism in the UK? – Al Jazeera Investigates.

It turns out that the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist party, with whom the British Conservatives have just made a deal to prop up their wobbly minority government, are not Theresa May‘s only allies with links to terrorism.

From daily News Line in Britain, in its editorial:

Thursday, 6 July 2017

British imperialism’s major ally, Saudi Arabia, is up to its neck in promoting terrorism in the UK

A REPORT by the Henry Jackson Society, published yesterday, named Saudi Arabia as the main foreign promoter of Islamic extremism in Britain, stating that there is a ‘clear and growing link’ between funding from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states and the growth of jihadist terrorist groups in the country.

What makes this report even more damning is the fact that the Society, an independent think-tank based in London, is no ‘leftist’ bunch of apologists for Syria or Russia but is a right-wing organisation that advocates the ‘robust spreading of liberal democracy, the rule of law and the market economy’.

This News Line description of the Henry Jackson Society is rather too concise and too kind.

Like the late United States senator Henry Jackson after whom they are named, they stand for racism, warmongering, corruption and torture.

Even sacked former Henry Jackson Society official and right-wing warmonger Marko Attila Hoare now accuses them of racism.

Nevertheless, the Henry Jackson Society’s recent accusations against the Saudi regime are probably a case of a broken clock being correct twice a day.

Like Turkish dictator Erdogan, besides all his wrong words and wrong actions, was right in criticizing the European Union’s anti-refugee policies (before that same Erdogan made a dirty anti-refugee deal with that same European Union).

Like Theresa May‘s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, another ‘broken clock’, was right in criticizing the Saudi regime for its bloody war on Yemen (before Theresa May humiliatingly made him swallow that correct criticism).

The Henry Jackson Society are rather Johnny-come-latelies in their new criticism of the Saudi regime. Hillary Clinton was earlier than them; though not publicly. This Dear Kitty. Some blog was earlier than them; and was certainly not first.

Even they are shocked at the determination of the British government and the Tory party to ally themselves to the biggest funder of terrorism in the world, and its chief paymaster in the UK.

The report claims that ‘Saudi Arabia has, since the 1960s, sponsored a multimillion-dollar effort to export Wahhabi Islam across the Islamic world, including to Muslim communities in the West.’

This funding in Britain has taken the form of funding institutions that have played host to extremist preachers and the report notes that a ‘number of Britain’s most serious Islamist hate preachers sit within the Salafi-Wahhabi ideology’.

The author of the report, Tom Wilson, said: ‘While countries from across the Gulf and Iran have been guilty of advancing extremism, Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly at the top of the list,’ adding: ‘Research indicates that some Saudi individuals and foundations have been heavily involved in exporting an illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology. So it is ironic, to say the least, that Saudi Arabia is singling out Qatar for links to extremism when it has patently failed to get its own house in order.’

In 2007, Saudi Arabia was estimated to be spending at least £1.5 billion a year on promoting Wahhabism worldwide. By 2015 this figure had doubled to over £3 billion, exporting what the report calls the ‘illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology’ responsible for the radicalisation of young people across the world.

The extreme Wahhabi ideology, with its sectarian hatred of all forms of Islam that do not conform to its rigid doctrine, has been the guiding ideology of ISIS, al-Qaeda and many of the individuals responsible for the terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of innocent men, women and children in the recent attacks in Britain.

The report calls for the Tory government to set up a public inquiry into all Gulf funding sources but in fact an inquiry already exists on Saudi involvement in terrorist funding in the UK.

A government inquiry was commissioned back in 2015 by the then coalition government. It was commissioned at the behest of the Lib/Dem partners in return for their support for the illegal British airstrikes against Syria aimed at bolstering the terrorist groups like ISIS that the Tories claim to be at war with.

This report has been on Theresa May’s desk for months with the Tories refusing to publish it due to the ‘sensitive nature’ of its findings.

What is sensitive is that it exposes the role of Saudi Arabia at a time when the Saudi monarchy is the biggest customer for UK arms sales – worth £4.1 billion since 2015.

Also the Saudis have billions invested in the UK especially in the lucrative London property market.

All this dirty bloodstained money must be protected even if it means covering up Saudi involvement in terrorism.

While Russia, Syria and Iran, who are in the front line of the fight against ISIS and jihadist terrorism, are vilified by the UK and US governments, the real sponsors of terrorism internationally are protected and courted for their wealth and hailed as allies in the fight against Syria and Iran.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for an immediate suspension of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

This does not go far enough. Immediately the working class must demand the breaking off of all relationships with the Saudis, the closure of their embassy and the expropriation of all Saudi assets in the country.

17 thoughts on “British government’s Saudi allies promote terrorism in Britain

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  8. Thursday 20th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Siam Sarower Jamil in Dhaka

    SAUDI and other Gulf state NGOs are funding terrorist groups in Bangladesh and India, intelligence services have claimed.

    The Bangladesh Finance Intelligence Unit (BFIU) revealed the bombshell conclusions of a special government taskforce meeting last month to journalists on Tuesday.

    The June 21 meeting, chaired by Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu with Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan in attendance, identified 17 suspect NGOs from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and other Middle East countries.

    Mr Amu said all have been placed under intense surveillance for unusual financial transactions — although some were already under scrutiny.

    Officials from Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank, said most of the organisations were under the control of fundamentalist Jamaat-eIslami politics — an Indian group formed in 1941 which has since split into separate organisations in Pakistan and India.

    The suspected NGOs include the Bangladesh Krishi Kalyan Samity, Muslim Aid Bangladesh, Rabeta Al-Alam alIslami, Qatar Charitable Society, Islamic Relief Agency, Al-Furkan Foundation, Kuwait Joint Relief Committee, International Islamic Relief Organisation, Hayatul Ighachha, Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, Tawhidi Noor and AlMuntada al-Islami.

    British Prime Minister Theresa May has been attacked for refusing to publish a terrorist funding report that could point the finger at her Saudia Arabian allies.

    BFIU General Manager Devprasad Debnath said: “A number of issues including militancy funding were discussed at the June 21 meeting which came up with some important decisions.”

    “Among the decisions, the issue of militant funding is very sensitive and important,” he stressed.

    Mr Devnath said the surveillance has been increased against the 17 NGOs as authorities have found evidence of aid to Bangladeshi militant and terrorist activities.

    He said groups were also allegedly aiding separatist insurgents in the eight states of the north-east India region, which borders Bangladesh to the east, adding the BFIU had passed on the information to the Indian government.

    Bangladeshi intelligence and financial authorities have boosted monitoring and surveillance since a surge in extremist attacks began in 2012.

    Five years of work have yielded more accurate information on ostensibly charitable NGOs operating in the country.

    The 2014 BFIU showed an alarming rise in suspicious financial transactions, up to 619 in 2013-14 from 420 in 2012-13 and 175 in 2011-12.


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