Egyptian workers in Qatar victims of conflict between dictators

This video says about itself:

Qatar’s Filthy Labour Camps

8 March 2014

The Qatari authorities say they are working to improve living and working conditions for the tens of thousands of migrant workers. But many labourers, mainly from South Asia, find their dream of coming to this rich nation to improve the lives of their families is more of a nightmare. The BBC reports.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Uncertainty and panic among Egyptians in Qatar

Today, 16:43

Among the many Egyptians living and working in Qatar, panic broke out. They have suddenly been told that their motherland breaks the ties with Qatar and calls on countrymen in Qatar to leave that country.

Some report to Reuters press office that they are already packing their suitcases, fearing that Qatar will deport them. They wonder how to leave, now that all aviation traffic with the other Arab countries has been shut down. Qatar only shares a border with Saudi Arabia.

White sugar

In addition, the inhabitants of Qatar have immediatelyly noticed that there is less food in the shops due to the breaking of ties with neighboring countries. Photos of shops in the capital Doha confirm that.

In prosperous Qatar

prosperous mainly for the princely family

about 1.6 million foreigners work. About 350,000 of them are Egyptians. At least 40 percent of the food in Qatar is imported from Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia immediately stopped exports of white sugar to Qatar. Qatar is dependent on that import and its consumption is high during the fasting month Ramadan.

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