New labour law, still old exploitation in Qatar

This video from Britain says about itself:

Qatar killing Nepal workersWorld Cup 2022 FIFA

6 October 2013

Qatar is slaughtering Nepalese and other workers from various nations after its corrupt 2022 football world cup bid won through thanks to bribes passed onto FIFA officials including president Sepp Blatter.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Amnesty: risk of exploitation continues with new legislation in Qatar

Today, 00:08

Changes in the labour laws in Qatar are not improving things for migrant workers, says Amnesty International. Workers remain vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, the human rights organization concludes in a new report.

Qatar replaces a controversial 2009 law allowing workers to be completely at the mercy of their employers or ‘sponsors’. But Amnesty says that the new legislation offers little improvement. The organization calls on FIFA to intervene and remind the international football organisation of its own principle to talk to countries on human rights violations. In 2022 the World Cup will be held in the oil state.

Passports taken away

Employees should also under the new legislation have permission from their employer to change jobs, says Amnesty. Employers can also block a flight from Qatar. This will become even easier because it will now become legal for employers to take workers’ passports away.

This exploitation will hurt the reputation of FIFA and the World Cup if nothing changes in Qatar, Amnesty warns. Clubs also have a responsibility, says the organization. Amnesty points out that Barcelona will soon play a match in Doha. The club should make clear to its host that it wants to play in a “human rights friendly environment”. “Players and clubs cannot live in a bubble.”

See also here.

Qatar World Cup: Air-con stadium opens as worker abuse continues: here.

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