6 thoughts on “Saudi-Qatari conflict and Donald Trump

  1. Tuesday 13th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    QATAR said yesterday that it is shipping cargo through neutral Oman to circumvent the blockade imposed by its three closest Gulf neighbours.

    Qatar’s port authority published a video showing a loaded container ship arriving in Doha’s Hamad port from the Omani port of Sohar to a water-cannon welcome.

    Cargo for Qatar is normally unloaded in the United Arab Emirates deepwater ports of Jebel Ali or Abu Dhabi and is then taken by smaller craft to Doha.

    But the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and a dozen other nations have blockaded Qatar since June 5.

    They demand that Doha end support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, sever diplomatic ties with Iran and cease broadcasts by the Al Jazeera TV news network.

    On Sunday, Al Jazeera reported that two Iranian warships had sailed for Oman.

    The same day, five cargo planes loaded with fresh produce flew from Iran to Qatar to help break the Saudi-led blockade.



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