Pentagon-Qatar naval exercises begin

This video says about itself:

USA agrees deal to sell F-15 jets to Qatar

15 June 2017

Qatar‘s Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday the country signed a deal to buy F-15 fighter jets from the United States for $12 billion.

The deal was completed despite the Gulf country being criticised recently by US President Donald Trump for supporting terrorism.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and representatives from Qatar were set to meet Wednesday to seal the agreement. Bloomberg News reported the deal was for 36 jets.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

US and Qatari warships start exercises after $12bn fighter sale

Friday 16th June 2017

QATARI and US warships began naval exercises yesterday, shortly after the two countries agreed a $12 billion (£9.5bn) deal for US fighter jets.

The sale underscores the US military’s close ties to Qatar, where it has its largest air base in the region, at which Britain also stations forces.

There has been some confusion over the US position in tensions between Gulf states, with Donald Trump appearing to back Qatar’s neighbours after they effectively blockaded it, on the very rich grounds that Doha supports Islamist extremists.

‘Very rich’ as the Saudi and allied absolute monarchies also support jihadists.

It is speculated that the motivation is a mix of Doha’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood, relationship with Iran, and succession wrangling among Saudi Arabia’s royals.

Meanwhile, authorities in Bahrain are interrogating someone on suspicion of voicing support for Qatar — an offence that carries a five-year jail term since Bahrain cut off ties.

The Trump administration has sold Qatar $12 billion worth of weapons days after the president said the country was funding terrorism.

US ambassador to Qatar steps down after posting critical tweets about Donald Trump: here.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar: Tribal feud with regional and global implications: here. And here.

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