Syrian ‘moderates’ pro-ISIS, even Blairites admit

This 28 November 2015 video from London, England is called John Rees- DON’T BOMB SYRIA. STOP THE WAR COALITION.

British daily The Guardian headlines today:

Most Syrian rebels sympathise with Isis, says thinktank

Centre on Religion and Geopolitics says at least 65,000 jihadi fighters could fill vacuum if Islamic State was defeated

British daily The Independent writes today that this Centre on Religion and Geopolitics is ‘linked to the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.’

Wait a moment … British Conservative Prime Minister Cameron justified his bombing of Syria by claiming the armed anti-Damascus government fighters in Syria were supposedly ‘moderate’, that there were 70,000 ‘moderate’ Syrian fighters as allies for the British bombing, which is supposedly anti-ISIS.

And Tony Blair and British Blairite right-wing ‘Labourites’ support Cameron’s escalation of the already terrible war in Syria.

However, now even Blair‘s own Centre on Religion and Geopolitics demolishes Cameron‘s and Blair‘s phony pro-bombing arguments.

Meet the man documenting how airstrikes in Syria are destroying civilian life: here.

Washington invokes hunger to promote war in Syria: here.

Rights Group Says Disregard for Civilian Life by US and Saudi Arabia Is ‘Appalling’: here.

23 thoughts on “Syrian ‘moderates’ pro-ISIS, even Blairites admit

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