37 thoughts on “Over 400 Nepalese workers killed in Qatar World Cup construction

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  8. Problems of Nepalese workers highlighted

    By ANIQA HAIDER, Posted on » Saturday, May 10, 2014

    THE importance of regulating foreign employment sector in the GCC to safeguard the rights of Nepalese workers was highlighted during a high-level meeting.

    Nepalese diplomats from Gulf countries gathered in Bahrain yesterday to discuss labour issues facing their nationals.

    The two-day conference, called fourth Non-Resident Nepali Association Middle East regional meeting, was held at the Best Western Plus, The Olive. Present was Nepalese Labour Ministry foreign employment head Krishna Hari Pushkar, who spoke about safe migration and forced labour.

    He said his government was working to implement legislation related to reforms in the foreign employment industry, which constitutes around 25 per cent of the national GDP.

    “More than two million Nepalese have gone for foreign employment until the fiscal year 2012/2013,” he said.

    “Around 1,500 to 2,000 people go for foreign employment daily and 56pc of households in Nepal receive remittance from family members working overseas.

    “Remittance totalling 1.19 billion rupees is received in a day in the country.”

    Problems facing domestic workers were also discussed.



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