Scottish Blairite Murphy’s anti-Semitic witchhunt

This video from Britain says about itself:

The Henry Jackson Society and the Degeneration of British Neoconservatism

21 June 2015

The Henry Jackson Society and the Degeneration of British Neoconservatism: Liberal Interventionism, Islamophobia and the ‘War On Terror‘.

The reports examines the history, activities and politics of the Henry Jackson Society, a leading exponent of neoconservatism in the UK that is grounded in a transatlantic tradition deeply influenced by Islamophobia and an open embrace of the ‘War on Terror‘.

By Charley Allan in Britain:

Labour can’t listen to Jim Murphy – he’s a law unto himself

Monday 6th June 2016

Rightwingers’ false claims of anti-semitism just hurt Jews and bring the party into disrepute, argues CHARLEY ALLAN

BRITAIN’S relationship to Europe is far too complex to reduce to a single binary question — and however we vote on June 23, our political landscape is set to transform radically.

Boris Johnson and the Tory Outers increasingly act and look like a government in waiting, ready to claim a mandate from their party’s members, no matter the referendum result.

The possibility of a snap general election is one of many good reasons for Labour to differentiate itself from the Tories during the current campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn is quite right to refuse a platform with David Cameron. After all, they have completely different views about the kind of Europe they want to live in.

And as John McDonnell said of the Tories on Tuesday: “Sharing a platform with them discredits us. It demotivates the very people we are trying to mobilise.”

This wouldn’t apply to a traditional single-issue campaign such as opposing Heathrow expansion, for example.

Johnson’s support was welcomed last May when he promised McDonnell to “lie down with you in front of those bulldozers and stop the building, stop the construction of that third runway.”

As London mayor, Sadiq Khan can get away with campaigning alongside the PM, though this probably only serves to boost Brexit outside London if the immediate “Establishment stitch-up” social media memes are anything to go by.

Khan at least seemed statesmanlike — and Cameron further eroded his pitiful credibility by standing shoulder to shoulder with someone he denounced a month ago as being in bed with extremists.

But Corbyn should ignore the advice of has-beens such as David Miliband and wannabes like Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips to “dig deep” and cosy up to Cameron, if only to avoid a repeat of Labour’s dramatic collapse in Scotland.

The architect of that popularity apocalypse was Jim Murphy, an arch-Blairite and leading member of the militarist Henry Jackson Society.

The Henry Jackson Society, like the United States senator after which they are named, are not only militarist; but also pro-corruption, pro-torture and racist.

As figurehead of the party’s indy referendum campaign in 2014, he was more interested in teaming up with top Tories than making the case for a socialist Britain.

Sneering at pro-independence Labour supporters simply served to destroy the party’s base north of the border — and by leaving the political space left of Scottish Labour wide open after becoming its leader, Murphy allowed the SNP to park its tanks on Labour’s lawn.

Scottish Labour’s chickens came home to roost when it was wiped out at the general election, losing all but one of its MPs — including Murphy in Glasgow’s suburban Eastwood constituency.

The lesson to learn couldn’t be more obvious. Just as Tory MPs and members have free rein to support either side of the EU debate, so Labour must respect its own Lexiteers — not just because the party is a broad church but because it doesn’t want to drive millions of voters into Ukip’s arms.

In short, Labour must reject Murphy’s united-front strategy [with the Conservatives] and put the interests of the party ahead of those of its Euro-extremists.

Murphy himself was back in the news last week after leading a successful attempt to block a candidate for Labour’s powerful National Executive Committee (NEC).

Rhea Wolfson is a rising star on the party’s left wing — women’s officer for Scottish Young Labour, co-chair of the Young Socialists, former Jewish Society chair — and is standing for one of the six NEC seats representing local constituency Labour Parties (CLPs).

Wolfson replaced Ken Livingstone on the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) slate after his recent suspension and has been nominated by over 30 CLPs so far, but according to the party’s arcane constitution, all candidates must secure the support of their own local branch — which for her is Eastwood CLP.

Eastwood members met on Tuesday night and decided to hold a straight vote for or against Wolfson’s nomination.

After she made her case and answered questions from the floor, she was asked to leave the room.

Once she was out the door, Murphy — in his first CLP appearance for months, according to an eye-witness report — allegedly spoke strongly against Wolfson’s nomination, claiming that Momentum, the Corbynista group which backs the CLGA slate, has a problem with anti-semitism.

Members then voted not to nominate Wolfson, before inviting her back into the room and informing her of their decision.

Now, there are so many things wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start.

First of all, there is no anti-semitism problem in Momentum. The group’s chair, Jon Lansman, is Jewish — and in fact joined in the condemnation of Livingstone’s remarks about Hitler and zionism.

Murphy might have been referring to its vice-chair Jackie Walker, who was suspended from Labour last month for suspected anti-semitism after writing that “many Jews (my ancestors too) were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade.”

Disgracefully the Jewish Chronicle was informed of her suspension, according to Walker, before she was — an example of the party witch-hunters’ fondness for publicly humiliating outspoken left-wing Jewish members, as they did by leaking Tony Greenstein’s suspension to the Daily Telegraph back in March.

But the lifelong anti-racist fought her corner and was readmitted within a couple of weeks.

“The fear in my CLP is palpable,” Walker warned afterwards, adding: “McCarthyism lives and with the same purpose — the destruction of the left.”

The baseless accusation that Wolfson accepted the support of known anti-semites is deeply offensive.

But worse is that she was given no opportunity to challenge this smear, a clear breach of natural justice.

And by not allowing her to vote on her CLP’s nominations, Wolfson was unfairly disenfranchised.

It’s ironic that Murphy dishonestly raised the spectre of anti-semitism to block the only Jewish candidate for NEC — yet another example of non-Jews on Labour’s right wing cynically exploiting Jewish suffering to attack Jews and others on the party’s left.

As well as bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, deliberately false claims of anti-semitism for personal political gain are themselves anti-semitic.

They intentionally hurt Jews because they undermine the credibility of all accusations of anti-semitism, thereby emboldening other anti-semites.

The NEC needs to intervene and declare Eastwood’s decision unconstitutional as quickly as possible, otherwise the factional infighting will get worse as the right becomes more desperate and the left is forced to stoop to the same level just to defend itself.

On Saturday nameless Labour MPs accused Corbyn of “sabotaging” the EU referendum campaign, claiming to the Mirror that an Out vote would trigger a coup attempt — meaning leadership contests in both major parties this summer.

This “Bitterite” blackmail is pure bluff, of course, but non-stop sniping still undermines the leadership and brings the party into disrepute.

The NEC should name, shame and suspend the true saboteurs before their poison spreads throughout the whole party. After all, public humiliation is the only language these people understand.

Chat to Charley on Twitter: @charleyallan and sign the petition for Rhea Wolfson:

Kezia Dugdale, the eighth leader in 18 years of the Labour Party in Scotland, resigned last month after two years in the job. Dugdale, a right-wing careerist devoid of principles or any record of struggle in the working class, was from the first at odds with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British party: here.

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  14. Wednesday 27th September 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    LABOUR can win in Scotland by returning to its radical past and embracing the politics of hope under leader Jeremy Corbyn, a new left Scottish MP has asserted.

    Danielle Rowley was one of the “magnificent seven” elected as Labour MPs in Scotland in June’s election.

    The Midlothian MP told the meeting at Labour fringe The World Transformed how Scottish Labour can make gains by campaigning on issues that matter to people: housing, jobs and the NHS.

    She explained that because the election was called at short notice, the candidates selected were largely local people, well-rooted in their communities, and voters related to them.

    “We captured people’s passion,” Ms Rowley explained and told those gathered that it was the first time Labour had engaged with people on policy issues.

    Grant Aitken from Scottish Labour Young Socialists said that Scottish Labour had been “toxic” when he joined, and one of the hardest tasks he faced was convincing people the party had changed under Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

    Mr Aitken explained that people on the doorstep had been asking: “Are you Jeremy’s Labour or are you Kezia’s Labour?”

    He reminded the audience of Scotland’s radical tradition from Red Clydeside to the miners’ strike — and reconnecting with that and Mr Corbyn’s politics of hope are key to winning back for Labour in Scotland.

    “We can start by electing Richard Leonard as leader of Scottish Labour: a principled socialist,” he said.

    MSP for the Lothians Neil Findlay said he had waited 30 years for a radical manifesto, describing how it had “breathed life into the party.”

    But he said that now is a “critical time for Scottish Labour” and urged everyone to help elect Mr Leonard, who has been “consistent in his politics, a trade unionist and activist” who lives and breathes socialist values.

    “This is our moment. Let’s not fluff it,” he said.


  15. Wednesday 27th Septermber 2017

    posted by Ben Chacko in Britain

    SCOTTISH Labour leadership hopefuls Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard made their pitches to party conference delegates in Brighton yesterday.

    Mr Leonard said Scotland needed “radical and fundamental change.”

    He argued: “Labour is in third position in Scotland and that’s why we have to be audacious,” adding: “The economy and industry frankly need less market and a bit more planning.

    “Renewable energy was supposed to bring a Saudi Arabia-style jobs bonanza, but it just isn’t there.

    “We need to plan, invest, get the skills in place for the next generation.”

    Mr Leonard, a veteran socialist, has won the backing of every trade union to have declared for a candidate in the contest so far, including TSSA, Aslef, Unite, Usdaw, Unison and BFAWU.

    He is also a supporter of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, while Mr Sarwar last year signed an open letter from MSPs demanding that the Labour leader resign.

    However, Mr Leonard dismissed a suggestion by hustings chair Torcuil Crichton — the Westminster correspondent of the Daily Record — that he was a “Corbynista” and catspaw of London-based Labour.

    “We need credibility and consistency,” he said, pointing to his decades of work in the Scottish movement.

    Mr Sarwar was forced on the defensive over his 2014 decision to send his children to a private school and the refusal of the Sarwar family firm, in which he had a multi-million-pound stake, to recognise any trade union.

    He responded that his decision to become a dentist rather than take a job in the company showed his commitment to public service and he had given up his shareholding in the family business.

    Both candidates distanced themselves from former leader Kezia Dugdale’s call for a second EU referendum, though Mr Leonard disputed an audience comment on public ownership being impossible within the single market, arguing that a socialist programme could be advanced if the Scottish government had the courage to do so.

    The candidates agreed on redistributing wealth and nationalising the railways, but not on Britain’s £100 billion Trident nuclear weapons renewal programme.

    Mr Leonard said he was firmly opposed to Trident, while Mr Sarwar said he would enact the policy of the UKwide party by going ahead with the renewal.


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