Saudi woman arrested for miniskirt

This 19 July 2017 video is called Saudi woman filmed wearing miniskirt in social media video has been arrested in Riyadh.

Another video used to say about itself:

Saudi Arabian Woman Arrested For Wearing Mini Skirt In Public

18 July 2017

A woman in Saudi Arabia has been arrested for a video that was widely shared online which showed her strolling along an empty street wearing a skirt and crop top, Saudi state TV channel Ekhbariya reported on Tuesday.

The clip had incensed some social media users in the conservative Muslim kingdom who vented their anger using the hashtag “Model Khulood must be tried” — a reference to what they said was the woman’s Snapchat name.

The video of the woman was uploaded to Snapchat over the weekend. It was rapidly shared across the internet by people who supported her display and – perhaps more interesting – by those who opposed it, resulting in an official investigation.

In the short clip, filmed mostly from behind, the woman is shown walking through the ruins of an ancient fort in Ushaiager, a town in Najd province. Najd is the birthplace of the country’s ultraconservative Wahhabi religious movement.

In response to calls for the woman’s arrest, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which employs the Saudi religious police, wrote on Twitter on Monday that it had “intercepted a clip of a girl in inappropriate clothing” and had opened an investigation with the “relevant authorities.”

On Tuesday the state TV channel said she had been detained.

“Riyadh police have detained the woman who appeared in indecent clothing in Ushaiqir and referred her to the public prosecutor,” Ekhbariya said on its official Twitter account, including the popular hashtag.

Saudi law imposes stringent rules on women’s appearance and behaviour. Saudi women are required to wear a black garment, called an abaya, that covers everything but the face, feet and hands. They must also keep their heads covered, and are not permitted to drive, or to socialise with men who are not related to them.

According to Dutch NOS TV today, Khulood may now be punished by flogging or imprisonment if she is from a non-elite family. If she is from a rich family, that probably won’t happen.

Saudi regime arrests 14-year-old for dancing macarena: here.

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