Dutch parents fear daughters forced into prostitution in Syria

This video from the USA is called Washington Post: CIA Delivering Weapons To Rebels In Syria.

Translated from Janny Groen, in Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

Parents of Muslim girls fear ‘jihad prostitution’

03/06/14, 07:01

“These girls going to Syria will end up in prostitution.” Without hesitation Rachma el Hamdaoui (over 50) of the The Hague Mother and Daughter Foundation explains the greatest fear of parents of prospective jihad brides.

El Hamdaoui has in the The Hague Schilderswijk neighbourhood a discussion group with girls who walk around with jihad plans; and now, she speaks at a meeting of Muslim women in Gouda.

According to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) twenty Dutch Muslim women are in Syria. Five of them come from Gouda. They marry without parental consent. Not in the mosque, but for example in an apartment, a Gouda district police officer knows. Such marriages are invalid according to Islamic rules which their parents use.

The young women travel after their man, the mujahid (warrior). Or they are persuaded via WhatsApp messages from the front area to come to Syria to marry their hero. They have most often met him through jihadi social media. …

Sex with twenty, thirty, a hundred rebels

But there are also other views. In September last year the Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Bin Jeddo sounded the alarm. He wanted to put an end to the jihad al-nikah, also described as sex jihad. Young women traveling to the Chaimbi Mountains in Tunisia, where Al Qaeda fighters are fighting against the Tunisian regime; and especially to Syria to satisfy warriors. Some girls, according to the minister, have sex with twenty, thirty or even a hundred rebels. …

Pubescent girls traveling

In Dutch Muslim communities there is fear that their daughters landed in Syria in a very different world than the one they were dreaming about. El Hamdaoui: “They are often teenagers who want to travel. They know nothing, they cannot estimate the consequences of their actions.”

Muslim parents read disturbing stories on Arabic sites. They read about young women who are married (briefly) before sexual activity, and then divorce immediately afterwards. There are indications that the sex jihad is not entirely a figment of the imiginations of evil spirits. Thus, the prominent Tunisian Muslim scholar Sheikh Farred Elba stated (to the BBC and others) that he knew young women who had got trapped in this. He said there was medical evidence of that as well.

There are no signals that Dutch girls are in sexual jihad in Syria and go from hand to hand, according to the Gouda police district officer. However, what does happen is that, if it does not click between the “lovers” , the girl is married off to another mujahid. And if that man is killed, another warrior is quickly brought in.

In the eyes of the Muslim women who were gathered in Gouda, that smells like prostitution. As one of them says: “Our prophet has never meant that.”

According to Dutch NOS TV on 5 July 2017, of Dutch youngsters who joined jihadists in Syria, proportionally many are recent converts to [the ISIS/al-Qaeda brand of] Islam. Of all Dutch women going to Syria, 61% were recent converts. While of all Muslims in the Netherlands, only 2% are recent converts. Some youngsters going to Syria were only 15 years old.

Turkey and war in Syria: here. And here.

Syria’s refugees: fears of abuse grow as Turkish men snap up wives. Increasing number of women who have fled conflict are opting to marry Turks, many as second, third or even fourth wives: here.

AFTER TWO DAUGHTERS LEAVE FOR ISIS, A MOTHER STRUGGLES TO SAVE THE OTHER TWO “In a small box in her bedroom, Oulfa Hamrounni keeps the photo she treasures most. It shows one of her daughters, brown hair flowing, a smile on her round face. The photo was taken before the girl and her sister left home to join the Islamic State’s affiliate in Libya.” [WaPo]

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