Margaret Thatcher praised jihadists in Afghanistan

This video from the USA says about itself:

WATCH: British PM Heaps Praise On Jihadists In Afghanistan (1981)

10 September 2016

Newly published papers show that one of the country [Britain]’s top civil servants held a private summit with senior American, French and German politicians at which they decided to provide “discreet support for Afghan guerrilla resistance”.

More about this in the British (Conservative) Daily Telegraph.

So, Margaret Thatcher not only helped to sell British weapons to Saudi Arabia which are now used for killing Yemeni civilians. Ms Thatcher also helped finance violence by the self-styled mujaheddin in Afghanistan; including Osama bin Laden and what eventually became al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

When the Tory Students and British State Backed the Islamist Mujahidin – Secret Affairs. Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam. Mark Curtis: here.

Shocking Truth: USA & Islamic Terrorism – Partners For Proxy Wars: here.

Towns called malice – the legacy of Thatcher: here.

50 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher praised jihadists in Afghanistan

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  8. Friday 25th
    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    PM secretly ploughed on with plans despite cabinet kibosh

    THATCHER secretly continued pursuing her bloody-minded plans to destroy the welfare state even after ministers thought they had been killed off by a cabinet revolt, according to previously withheld documents published yesterday.

    The proposals — drawn up by the Central Policy Review Staff (CPRS) — were among the most contentious and savage to be considered by the Tory regime during Thatcher’s reign.

    They included scrapping free universal healthcare and requiring people to take out private insurance, charging for education, ending the annual uprating of benefits in line with inflation and sweeping defence cuts.

    Ironically the majority of these proposals have now been adopted by the current Tory administration without a murmur.

    But in 1982 the CPRS paper baldly stated: “For the majority the change would represent the abolition of the NHS. This would be immensely controversial.”

    When then-chancellor Sir Geoffrey Howe, who commissioned the report, introduced the proposals at a specially convened meeting of the cabinet on September 9 there was uproar.

    Nigel Lawson, then the energy secretary, later recalled in his memoirs that it was “the nearest thing to a cabinet riot in the history of the Thatcher administration.”

    And when the so-called cabinet “wets,” who opposed Thatcher’s hardline economic policies, contrived to leak details of the report to The Economist it sparked a public outcry.

    In an attempt to assuage the public, Thatcher felt compelled to use her speech to the annual Tory conference in Brighton to hypocritically and falsely declare that the NHS is “safe with us.”

    She later claimed to have been “horrified” by the CPRS plan which was deemed so contentious it was designated a “non-paper” in Whitehall.

    But while the “wets” believed they had seen off the proposals for good, Treasury papers released by the National Archives at Kew show that in fact Thatcher and Howe continued to work behind the scenes to keep them alive.

    On November 26 1982, P Mountford in the Treasury informed Mr Howe that Thatcher had set up a series of meetings with the key ministers involved — health secretary Norman Fowler, education secretary Sir Keith Joseph and defence secretary John Nott.

    “This series of meetings is designed to soften up the three big spenders. Without their support the operation will not work,” Mr Mountford wrote.


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