British Conservatives stab Theresa May in the back

The Daily Mail on Theresa May, 18 January 2017

That was the front page of the British Conservative Daily Mail, worshiping Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May as ‘the new Iron Lady‘. Faced with the wobbly reality of Ms May’s post-general election minority government, dependent on Irish homophobes with links to terrorism, fewer and fewer Conservatives want to be reminded of that recent kind of propaganda.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

The next Iron Lady vanishes (from her own website)

Thursday 13th July 2017

THERESA MAY was airbrushed from the Conservative website yesterday in what Labour has claimed is an attempt by the party to distance itself from the Prime Minister, writes Lucas Davies-Herbst.

The Conservative leader’s picture was stripped from the homepage of official party website

Labour MP Toby Perkins quipped at Prime Minister’s Questions that Ms May has gone “from ‘the next Iron Lady’ to ‘the lady vanishes’.”

He added: “Politicians are said to be here today and gone tomorrow, but whatever tomorrow may bring, the Prime Minister isn’t even here today to mark the end of her first year in power.”

Mr Perkins suggested that the “vanishing act” is yet another sign that the Conservative Party are readying to remove the increasingly unpopular PM from her place as party leader.

Brexit crisis tearing apart UK’s Conservative Party: here.

Fifteen Tory MPs ‘to sign Theresa May no confidence letter’. 48 signatures are required to trigger a leadership contest: here.


13 thoughts on “British Conservatives stab Theresa May in the back

  1. Tuesday 18th July 2017

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    THERESA MAY will be trying to instil discipline today in her Cabinet ministers by warning them to keep their mouths shut about their rifts following a series of embarrassing leaks.

    The Prime Minister will use her weekly Cabinet meeting to “remind” ministers that they should keep the content of meetings and private discussions top secret, her official spokesman told reporters.

    Her attempt to lay down the law comes after a series of reports were published about Chancellor Philip Hammond’s comments at last week’s Cabinet over Brexit.

    Mr Hammond also came under fire for allegedly stating that driving trains was easy that “even” women could do the job, a claim that he denies.

    And another leak said he had told colleagues that public-sector workers were overpaid.

    He defended his comments when appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

    On the show, he also accused Cabinet rivals of trying to undermine him for a “softer” Brexit prioritising jobs and the economy.

    But one unnamed Cabinet minister was quoted as having said: “What’s really going on is that the Establishment, the Treasury, is trying to fuck it up. They want to frustrate Brexit.”

    The row was being seen as further evidence of the PM’s crumbling government after seeing her Commons majority wiped out in last month’s snap general election.

    Conservative former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine said the “very distressing” infighting was a sign of Ms May’s lack of authority and her “enfeebled government.”

    He added that she would sack those responsible for the leaks “if she could.”

    Shadow minister for the Cabinet Office Jon Trickett said: “Theresa May appears to have lost authority over her party and Cabinet.

    “They are fighting like rats in a sack by briefing against each other and leaking Cabinet discussions.

    “If the Prime Minister cannot handle her own Cabinet, how can she handle the big challenges the country currently faces. We need a government that can stand up for the British people not one that puts party squabbles before the public interest.”

    The infighting came as the second round of EU withdrawal talks started in Brussels.

    Brexit Secretary David Davis and European Commission chief negotiator Michel Barnier said that officials would focus on the issues of citizens’ rights, borders and financial settlements during discussions that are due to last four days.

    Soon after the formal opening of discussions, Mr Davis returned to London and left officials to get on with negotiations until he returns to Brussels on Thursday for a press conference with Mr Barnier.


  2. Weak Tories

    CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond, who has been targeted by a whispering campaign from within the Cabinet over suspicions that he intends to scupper Britain’s exit from the European Union, is very upset with his colleagues.

    He has told Miss and she’s going to have a stern word with the whole class at today’s Cabinet meeting, threatening them with detention or lines.

    Hammond’s prime weakness, among many, is that he knows that, but for Theresa May failing to get the resounding majority she expected in last month’s general election, he would have been shipped out of No 10 already.

    Her weakness means that he holds onto his job, but, unfortunately for him, so do all the whisperers.

    May can be expected to issue a resounding call to her troops today to concentrate on their own responsibilities and keep schtum about Cabinet discussions and, shortly thereafter, “sources” will brief journalists from across the board as to what took place.

    Prime ministerial authority has evaporated and the sooner May takes the hint and walks the better.


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