London Grenfell Tower disaster, Theresa May admits Conservative colleagues wrong

This June 2017 video says about itself:

Glastonbury 2017: Stormzy demands justice for Grenfell Tower.

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Grenfell: PM saves face by admitting council flaws

Thursday 24th August 2017

May finally condemns slow response after fire

THERESA MAY has finally admitted that Kensington and Chelsea Council did not respond quickly enough following the fire at Grenfell Tower in June.

The Prime Minister met Grenfell residents and survivors for a private meeting on Tuesday, where she made the long-overdue announcement.

Ms May faced criticism herself for failing to offer support to survivors in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

It took the PM two days to visit the scene of the tragedy and, when she did, she did not speak to any of those affected, with one resident branding her appearance “a political drive-by.”

This was in stark contrast to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was visiting victims the morning after the tragedy, offering hugs and words of comfort.

Justice For Grenfell campaign coordinator Yvette Williams told the Star: “It’s all political staging.

“[Theresa May] has got to face her MPs at the party conference — she’s got MPs stabbing her in the back.”

Ms May also confirmed that the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) will now be stripped of its responsibility for the estate, due to its failings in handling the disaster. The council will now take over instead.

Ms Williams said: “We thought the TMO had gone anyway. It’s very late in the day. Is that going to take another 10 weeks? “It’s such a simple thing. It should have been done on day one, when the TMO went missing.”

The campaigner, who has been helping residents, said that any new organisation should be community-led — “not just another management organisation that doesn’t engage collectively.”

Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Elizabeth Campbell said yesterday that she would consider “all options” for future management of the estate.

She also pledged to spend “every penny” of the council’s vast reserves on rehousing those affected by the tragedy if necessary, with £76 million set aside.

Ms Williams said that at a meeting fewer than 10 days ago she had been given documents citing a maximum spend of £40m.

She said: “Why did they say they were capping it? “If they do spend every last penny, it should be homes for life for people.”

Ms Campbell said more of the 180-plus households in hotels and temporary accommodation would be rehoused, but according to “their need, not speed.”

6 thoughts on “London Grenfell Tower disaster, Theresa May admits Conservative colleagues wrong

  1. Thursday, 24 August 2017 Grenfell Tower management sacked – after meeting between survivors and May

    THE Tenant Management Organisation which manages Grenfell Tower is to be stripped of its responsibilities for the west London estate, Tory Prime Minister Theresa May said yesterday.

    May was invited to meet survivors and residents of the west London tower block privately on Tuesday night to discuss concerns over the handling of the aftermath of the fire, which killed more than 80 people.

    She told residents that Kensington and Chelsea Council ‘did not respond quickly enough after the fire’ and said the Tenant Management Organisation would be removed from managing the block. A Downing Street spokesman confirmed: ‘The Prime Minister acknowledged residents’ concerns about the culture of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) and the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

    ‘She confirmed that the TMO will be removed from the management of the Lancaster West (Grenfell Tower) estate and she recognised that the council did not respond quickly enough after the fire.

    ‘She agreed that it was important that the council listen to and respond to the issues residents face about the support and information they were receiving, including from key workers and housing officers.’

    May said she had a ‘dignified’ and ‘respectful’ meeting with survivors of the fire, and residents were ‘pleased’ to hear the TMO was being stripped of its powers. The Prime Minister was initially criticised for failing to meet survivors when she went to the site of the tragedy, and was booed during a later visit.

    Speaking during a visit to Guildford yesterday, May said: ‘It was a very good meeting last night, it was very dignified, a very respectful meeting, and obviously people did have concerns that they were raising.

    ‘And I was pleased that I was able to tell them – because the Tenant Management Organisation is one of the issues that residents have been very concerned about – I was able to tell them that the Tenant Management Organisation will no longer have responsibility for the Lancaster West housing estate. People were pleased to hear that.’

    After the meeting with around 60 or 70 residents, May spoke to the council leader to pass on the concerns raised. News of the move came as the Met Police confirmed: ‘One of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire has been formally identified as 50-year-old Ernie Vital.’

    They added: ‘To date 53 people have been formally identified, having died following the fire at Grenfell Tower. Also, baby Logan Gomes who was stillborn in hospital on 14 June, has been recorded by police as a victim of the fire. A total of 27 people have been formally identified but not named at the request of their families.’


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