British Theresa May stabbed in back by her own Conservatives

This is a music video of British punk rock band The Damned playing their song Stab your back.

Talking of backstabbing – British Conservative politicians are doing that right now to their own Prime Minister Theresa May.

Today, the (pro-Conservative, Rupert Murdoch-owned) Sunday Times writes that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May is facing pressure from her fellow Tory MPs, 40 of which it says have agreed to sign a letter of no confidence if she fails to settle the Brexit divorce bill. Eight more no confidence Conservative MPs would, according to party rules, make enough to force Ms May to have a new party leader election.

The Daily Telegraph (nicknamed ‘The Daily Torygraph’) headlines on its front page today: Harness Thatcher to beat Corbyn, Tories told. That would be a bit difficult, as Baroness Thatcher died in 2013. And she was cremated, not buried, so the Conservative party cannot even dig up a rotting corpse to ‘harness’.

The Daily Torygraph Telegraph does not say whether the Conservatives, in their desperation, might consider ‘harnessing’ their supporter, old Margaret Thatcher mate and serial child abuser Sir Jimmy Savile. Contrary to Thatcher, in Savile‘s case it would at least be possible to dig up a rotten corpse. Kind of fitting now with one Tory sex scandal after another.

BORIS JOHNSON finally said sorry yesterday as pressure mounted on him to resign after making a colossal blunder that could see a British mum spend an extra five years in an Iranian jail.

THE TORIES’ civil war over Brexit continued to rage yesterday after PM May received a letter from 30 Tory MPs. The letter urged her to get tough with the EU negotiators over a Brexit deal: here.

23 thoughts on “British Theresa May stabbed in back by her own Conservatives

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  3. Saturday 18th November 2017

    by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    THE Tories risk being seen as “a narrow party of nostalgia, hard Brexit, public-sector austerity and lazy privilege,” the head of Theresa May’s policy forum has warned her.

    She must “move fast” to show that the party has heeded the harsh lessons of June’s snap general election, in which it lost its Commons majority, Tory MP George Freeman wrote in a letter that was revealed yesterday.

    In the letter sent to the Prime Minister in September, obtained by The House magazine, the Mid-Norfolk MP complained that the party’s narrow focus would “risk alienating ourselves from an entire new generation of voters.”

    Mr Freeman, who was life sciences minister under David Cameron, lost his government post when Ms May came to power.

    He was appointed to head the Conservative Policy Forum, a body designed to allow members an input into decision-making.

    Asked whether Ms May shared his concern, a Downing Street spokesman said: “No.”

    Meanwhile, former attorney general Dominic Grieve said the PM was facing a rebellion by up to 27 of her MPs over her “completely idiotic” plan to enshrine the Brexit date in law.

    Downing Street said she would not back down over her demand for March 29 2019 to be fixed in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

    A rebellion by 27 Tories would almost certainly lead to defeat for the government even if pro-Brexit Labour MPs vote for the date’s inclusion in the legislation.

    At a summit of EU leaders in Gothenburg, Sweden, yesterday, Ms May was urged to spell out how much Britain would pay in a so-called divorce settlement to secure progress on trade talks by the next summit, due on December 14-15.

    She repeated her pledge that Britain would “honour our commitments” to the EU.


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