British Conservative-terrorist coalition government out, 1 July demonstration

This satiric music video from Britain is called A-ha-lene Foster – “Take On Me”.

It is a parody of the A-ha song Take On Me.

It says about itself:

28 June 2017

DUP leader Arlene Foster sings about going into government via the medium of A-ha cover. Based on a suggestion by James S.


We’re talking away
With Theresa May
It seems to be going okay
And then she mentions pay
(“I’ll bribe you”)
I bat my eyelids
And say, “This could take about a billion quid”

Take on us (DUP)
Take us on (DUP)
A billion poundsYes, that should do

So Theresa May, much to my surprise
She takes a book from the shelf, The Thatcher in the Rye
And slowly the whole wall turns around
To reveal a great big magic money tree

Take on us (DUP)
Take us on (DUP)
A billion pounds
Yes, that should do

British Prime Minister Theresa May stitched up a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) just in time for a critical parliamentary vote on the Conservative government’s legislative programme Thursday: here.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Tories Out’ march this Saturday. ‘All members must turn out’ urge trade unions

‘WE ARE asking members to support the major anti-cuts demonstration in central London on 1st July,’ civil servants union PCS said yesterday, referring to the ‘TORIES OUT’ march this Saturday.

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for the TUC to organise a million to join the march. PCS continued: ‘The event, organised by the People’s Assembly and supported by all major trade unions, including PCS, calls for an end to the 1% public sector pay cap, and demands a decent health service, education system, housing, jobs and living standards for all.’

Unite the union has organised coaches from around the country to bring their members down to the march. Unite said: ‘Cuts Cost Lives – join the “Tories Out” demo in London. The general election result was devastating for Theresa May and the Tories. May called it to gain a bigger majority in parliament but failed spectacularly to deliver on that.

‘Now the Tories are in chaos, forced to try to prop up a government with the deeply conservative and regressive DUP. Even if the Tories can get a Queen’s Speech through parliament this arrangement is unsustainable, it won’t last for long. The election result represents a rejection of Tory policies.

‘The Tories know they have no mandate; already the government has suggested it may have to ease its austerity plans because of huge opposition. Now we need to make sure the full force of opposition is felt, if we mobilise in huge numbers we can force big concessions on the NHS, education, housing and jobs.

‘There is already talk of another general election in the next few months. We’re marching against another five years of a Tory government committed to austerity, cuts and privatisation. And we’re marching for a decent health service, education system, housing, jobs and living standards for all. We urge all members to join the demonstration, and stand shoulder to shoulder in one massive show of strength on Saturday 1st July. Put the date in your diary and join the demonstration!’

General secretary of the Baker’s union, Ronnie Draper told News Line it would be ‘not just a demonstration of strength but a demonstration of the opposition against the onslaught of Tory cuts. We were calling to kick out May during the general election, but this isn’t just about crosses in boxes this is about people on the streets.

‘We need to make sure that we get the Tory government out and a Labour government in. The march is going to be a conduit towards that. The TUC should be promoting the march and making sure we get a million people there on Saturday.’

5 thoughts on “British Conservative-terrorist coalition government out, 1 July demonstration

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  2. This march has been called to bring the Tories down. Otherwise we will have a minority Tory government kept in power through an opportunist deal with the DUP to carry on with permanent austerity. This would be an insult to millions of workers.

    This Tory government cannot be allowed to stay for another year of austerity, with even more savage cuts planned and draconian anti-union laws on the books to enforce them. One of the strongest features of Saturday’s demonstration is that it is was called at the Bakers Union conference and is now supported by every major trade union including Unite, GMB, PCS, NUT, RMT, TSSA, FBU, CWU and Unison. Over 50 coaches have been filled from across the country to attend the demonstration. Only the TUC, which is desperate to live and let live with the Tories – despite the austerity onslaught – has refused to give support.

    John McDonnell said yesterday: ‘The public have lost trust in Theresa May and the Conservatives. People are fed up with a pay freeze, poverty wages, a NHS in crisis, being shackled with lifelong debt and no secure home. The Tories had their chance and they have failed. It is up to every one of us to make sure they step aside so that we can have a government that cares for the many and not the few. Join me on the People’s Assembly demonstration this Saturday.’


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