5 thoughts on “British Conservative-terrorist coalition government out, 1 July demonstration

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  2. This march has been called to bring the Tories down. Otherwise we will have a minority Tory government kept in power through an opportunist deal with the DUP to carry on with permanent austerity. This would be an insult to millions of workers.

    This Tory government cannot be allowed to stay for another year of austerity, with even more savage cuts planned and draconian anti-union laws on the books to enforce them. One of the strongest features of Saturday’s demonstration is that it is was called at the Bakers Union conference and is now supported by every major trade union including Unite, GMB, PCS, NUT, RMT, TSSA, FBU, CWU and Unison. Over 50 coaches have been filled from across the country to attend the demonstration. Only the TUC, which is desperate to live and let live with the Tories – despite the austerity onslaught – has refused to give support.

    John McDonnell said yesterday: ‘The public have lost trust in Theresa May and the Conservatives. People are fed up with a pay freeze, poverty wages, a NHS in crisis, being shackled with lifelong debt and no secure home. The Tories had their chance and they have failed. It is up to every one of us to make sure they step aside so that we can have a government that cares for the many and not the few. Join me on the People’s Assembly demonstration this Saturday.’



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