8 thoughts on “London Grenfell Tower area Conservative social cleansing

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  4. You make so many good points in your article however where do we go from here I have to ask we live in a “democracy “where whoever is elected is on the same agenda regarding social cleansing on the good cop bad cop basis labour are supposed to represent the working class and the underdog the good cop if you like and the Torries supported the wealthy and busineses the bad cop if you like and if you want to include them the liberals who nobody ever votes for but will readilly join either side to get a bit of glory now my point being if you take recent politics since thatcher years I give you three candidates Tory sorry I mean Tony Blair , David Cameron, Nick clegg if you really look at it these are the same person same keep it like it is politicians all born with the silver spoon in the mouth manufactured university educated politicians with £2 million London Town houses all part of the same gold star House of Parliament club with all its benefits . Blair the labour working people’s champion was every bit as bad as any conservative pm achieving much by stealth , allowing the theft of many public owned land and property to be sold off by various asset strippers to build houses and apartments etc for their wealthy elite vision across the entirety of london , one final piece of food for thought the great “Olympic legacy” a huge mass of land used for two weeks for the 2012 event largely funded by the tax payer you would have thought that they could have solved the social housing crisis in one fair swoop (yeh I know I’m having a laugh ) but if you go there you will understand what the Olympic legacy is really about, lots and lots of new expensive apartments absolutely everywhere very little to none social housing and it was the same thing with the millennium dome site taxpayer funded but if you go there much the same story as the Olympic site , so I conclude no good cop no bad cop just same cop and as long as the working class remains divided along the lines of race , sex , religion we play their game and nothing will ever change , divide and conquer is one of the oldest tactics known to mankind and it’s a tactic used the world over today


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