Woman pilot flees Afghanistan

This video says about itself:

Feb. 18, 2010: According to reports by Afghan media, ordered by a local [NATO ally] warlord called Fazl Ahad, two Afghan women were publicly flogged in Ghor province in Western Afghanistan.

The spokesman of Ghor’s governor, Abdul Hai Khatibi, said these women were forcibly married in Dolina district, but later they both ran away from their husbands’ houses. Police arrested the two in Chasht district while wearing men’s dresses. The women were then returned to their village and handed over to their husbands.

In light of a decree issued by local clerics, Khatibi said, the two women were subjected to 45 lashes each in public and they were flogged in presence of a large number of people. The footage of the scene was aired by some local Afghan TV channels.

The Dolina district is a haven of … armed groups, who impose such brutal and unethical verdicts on people, he added.

Deputy Dolina police chief Jahan Shah said to Pajhowk Afghan News that the two women were punished by a former [anti-Soviet Union army] jihadi commander named Fazl Ahad. He alleged the commander asked the husbands to give divorce to their wives.

Jahan Shah said the women fled their houses due to violence and beating.

Another police officer, who did not want to be named, said Fazl Ahad was involved in many such incidents. Tolo TV reported on Feb.18 that this warlord also flogged a man for having argument with a mullah and imprisoned him in his private jail.

The ‘new’ Afghanistan, a consequence of George W Bush’s 2001 invasion and the bloody occupation and war ever after, is about as bad, and sometimes even worse, for women as the ‘old’ Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban.

One difference is tokenism for a few women.

Corporate media from NATO countries highlight to their Western audiences a few individual women whose situation has improved, while keeping silent on the mass of women whose situation has not, or has worsened.

In 2008, one young Afghan woman refused to play the role of puppet of the tokenism of politicians and media.

Mehbooba Andyar

This is a photo of Mehbooba Andyar [called Ahadgar in other reports] who had been training as a runner on an Olympic scholarship outside of Afghanistan. Her best times in the 800m and 1,500m events were so slow it was likely she would have finished a minute or more behind the Olympic Games winners. The head of the Afghan Olympic Federation reportedly threatened to throw Ms Ahadgar’s family in jail, or worse, if she would not return to Afghanistan after the running. Still, she disappeared, and claimed political asylum in Norway.

Now, in 2016, another token Afghan woman.

Niloofar Rahmani in 2015, AFP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

First Afghan woman pilot seeks asylum in the USA

25 December 2016

The first woman to become a pilot in the Afghan Air Force since the fall of the Taliban is seeking asylum in the USA. Niloofar Rahmani (25) says her life is not safe in her homeland. …

Before Rahmani in 2013 in Afghanistan for thirty years no female pilot had been seen. Under the Taliban it was totally impossible, because women under their reign had few rights.

The Afghan government was only too happy to use Rahmani to show that the country had changed. Her asylum application is therefore extra painful.

Rahmani did a year and a half training in the US. Yesterday she had to return home, but instead she asked for asylum.

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