US-UK origin of the Afghan Taliban

This video from the USA is called Peter Dale Scott on Zbigniew Brzezinski bragging about creating Islamic fundamentalism.

Britain and the US were secretly discussing plans to arm Afghan mojahedin fighters within weeks of the 1979 Soviet intervention, previously secret papers show: here.

Food prices have hiked significantly [in Afghanistan] and we are extremely concerned about the situation of inaccessible vulnerable families: here.

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll released on Thursday shows that more than six in ten Americans are now opposed to the war in Afghanistan: here.

Afghanistan: Karzai holds onto minister thought by U.S. to be corrupt: here.

Scotland: SNP pushes for British troops to be out of Afghanistan by year’s end: here.

The SNP and Welsh nationalists today unite to make a joint call for all British troops serving in Afghanistan to return home before the end of this year: here.

More than 10K people killed in Afghanistan violence in 2010: here.

USA: Questions, blame surround soldier’s suspected suicide: here.

USA: Number of homeless veterans on the Alabama coast rising, says nonprofit: here.

Thom Hartmann, Berrett-Koehler Publishers: “Here’s the irony: We came to believe in the concepts of freedom, egalitarianism, justice, tolerance, and democracy without being forced to do so, and yet we repeatedly try to force that on others. Our military budget today is larger than that of every other country in the world – combined. Since World War II, we’ve been stuck in a rut that two of our presidents – Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy – explicitly warned us about, of relying on our military to help make the world safe for its democracies. The saner and smarter alternative, the higher road we need to be taking, is best demonstrated by the work of a man named Greg Mortenson”: here.

Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service: “The official line of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the NATO command in Afghanistan, is that the war against Afghan insurgents is vital to the security of all the countries providing troops there. In fact, however, NATO was given a central role in Afghanistan because of the influence of U.S. officials concerned with the alliance, according to a US military officer who was in a position to observe the decision-making process”: here.

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  1. Afghan war can’t be won, says Malcolm Fraser as 1980 Cabinet documents released today

    * From: The Australian
    * January 01, 2011 12:00A

    THE US and its allies should have learned from the Soviet experience in Afghanistan and realised long ago that the war there is unwinnable, says former prime minister Malcolm Fraser.

    Mr Fraser, who is revealed in 1980 Cabinet documents released today as historically a Cold War warrior backing the US against the Soviet push into Afghanistan, says now the American and Australian governments are pretending they can win the war but they cannot.

    When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan on Christmas Day, 1979, Mr Fraser was kept briefed by his department and intelligence agencies, The Weekend Australian said.

    “I thought it was enormously serious,” Mr Fraser said. “It certainly seemed to demonstrate that the Soviet Union was in a dangerous mood.”

    The Cabinet documents released by the National Archives show how the Soviet invasion triggered a big rise in Australian defence funding and strong declarations of support for the US, with increased surveillance and patrols in the Indian Ocean and an offer to allow American ships and aircraft to use Australian facilities.

    The documents also reveal that concerns were raised in Cabinet that allowing a US aircraft-carrier taskforce to operate from Western Australia’s Garden Island naval base could make Perth a nuclear target. “This could disturb public confidence,” an understated submission observed.

    Defence minister Jim Killen told Parliament that being a US ally would make Australia a target anyway.

    To send a signal to the Soviets, the Fraser government launched what turned out to be a divisive push for a boycott of the Moscow Olympics.

    A Cabinet minute relates how Mr Fraser told ministers of talks he’d had with leaders in Britain, New Zealand, France and Germany who all shared US concerns about the Soviet action in Afghanistan.

    Cabinet was told Australia could demonstrate its support “in increased defence co-operation and assistance including the availability of Australian support facilities for US forces and a more active Australian defence effort in the Indian Ocean Region.

    “Australia would need to further develop its role and relationships in the Southeast Asian and South Pacific regions as part of overall policies directed at minimising Soviet influence in these regions.”

    Reflecting on the current war in Afghanistan in comparison with 1980, Mr Fraser told The Weekend Australian he did not oppose the 2001 US-led invasion when the original plan was to destroy al-Qaeda.

    “But the objective became not hunting al-Qaeda but establishing an American-style democracy in Afghanistan and I thought that was absurd.”

    While there were parallels between the war now and in 1980, it was a very different world then, Mr Fraser said.

    The Soviet Union was aggressive and seemed ready to thrust outwards. “They’d put their tanks into Czechoslovakia for the third time in 1968.”

    Then there was the growth of communism in Indonesia in the 1960s.

    “The invasion of Afghanistan seemed to confirm those concerns,” Mr Fraser said.

    He was also concerned that the Americans might reach an agreement with the Soviets that would stop the US coming to help Australia if it were threatened and early in his term he sought a meeting with president Jimmy Carter.

    “He’d been speaking about a ‘zone of peace’ in the Indian Ocean and a treaty with the Soviet Union in relation to it. In the normal American way there’d been no discussions with us concerning this,” Mr Fraser said.

    The effect would have been to nullify the ANZUS treaty in certain circumstances.

    “I’d been warned that it was possible that the United States could do a deal with the Soviet Union on the Indian Ocean that would preclude any response in relation to ANZUS,” Mr Fraser said.

    He said many people did not realise that ANZUS was a commitment to consult and did not oblige the US to help defend Australia.

    Australia had agreed to a US request to limit its grain sales to the Soviet Union on the basis that Washington would warn Australia if the US resumed sales.

    But when it finally notified Australia they were lifting the ban, it emerged that US wheat sellers had been in Russia for more than six weeks and were trying to take Australia’s share of the market.

    The Cabinet papers reveal that, soon after the Soviet invasion, the US asked Australia to commit troops to a rapid-deployment force if the Soviets moved on towards the Middle-East oil fields.

    The Government declined and told the US that as a nation of only 14 million, Australia had to limit its military obligations. Mr Fraser flew to Washington to offer access to Australian facilities for US forces operating in the Indian Ocean, including US aircraft carriers and giant B-52 bombers. Cabinet was assured that US aircraft would only be able to bring in nuclear weapons with Australian government permission.

    Mr Fraser told The Weekend Australian that in some ways the US-led coalition was in a dangerously similar position to the Soviets in Afghanistan. “You can make military gains in an area but then the Taliban fade away – they move somewhere else. There are not enough troops to make an area safe, to hold it, to garrison it.”

    Read more on this story at The Weekend Australian:



    Obama War Budget Breaks All Records — But When Will Black America Break with Him?
    By Glen Ford
    Created 12/29/2010 – 00:23
    Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 12/29/2010 – 00:23

    * Obama War Budget [1]
    * Pentagon budget [2]
    * ba radio commentary [3]
    * Democrats [4]
    * Obama Delusional Affect [5]
    * Obamarama [6]

    “Obama is not merely a continuation of the Bush administration’s war policies, he has accelerated the descent into a war economy. That is nothing for any Black person to be proud about.”

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The Republican House majority hadn’t even taken their seats yet, but their presence wasn’t necessary to pass the biggest military budget since World War II. Not only can’t Obama blame his wars on George Bush, but the First Black President has dramatically outdone his predecessor in expenditures on the machinery of death. “Yet only 12 Black members of Congress can bring themselves to vote against Obama’s wars.”

    Obama War Budget Breaks All Records — But When Will Black America Break with Him?

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    “Forget about the Obama’s phony rhetoric; the proof is in the numbers.”

    On Capitol Hill, resistance to U.S. militarism has all but collapsed — and the Republican majority in the U.S. House has not even arrived, yet. With no opposition whatsoever in the Senate, and only 48 nay votes [7] in the House, the Congress last week passed the biggest military budget since the end of World War Two. Only 42 Democrats, including just 12 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, dared to defy their warmongering president and compliant House leadership.

    From the moment that Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, we at Black Agenda Report have been predicting that he would become the most pro-war president in modern American history. Forget about the Obama’s phony rhetoric; the proof is in the numbers [8].

    The military budget firmly cements Barack Obama’s place as the biggest pro-war president in two generations. Today, the United States, although it is the world’s only superpower, spends almost as much as all of the rest of the world’s militaries, combined. The U.S. defense authorization for 2011 is $725 billion. China, with the second most expensive military machine on the planet, spends less than $80 billion [9] a year.

    If Barack Obama lasts for eight years in office, he is on track to spend $5 trillion dollars on the Pentagon, significantly more than George Bush, who in turn spent a lot more than Ronald Reagan. But, as they say on the TV commercials, that’s not all. The defense budget doesn’t include expenditures for Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, nuclear weapons work at the Department of Energy, military aid to other countries through the Department of State, NASA space programs that are really military projects, the military retirement fund run out of the Department of Treasury, and the interest payments on past military expenditures that were financed by debt. Inclusion of those hidden costs of war would bring military-related spending to well over $1 trillion dollars a year — and rising all the time.

    “The Black misleadership class in general demands that African Americans sacrifice their own economic survival interests to Barack Obama’s political interests.”

    In real dollars, the U.S. is spending far more on the military than at any time during the Cold War, when there was another superpower in competition, and more than President Lyndon Johnson spent at the height of the Vietnam War. Dr. Martin Luther King broke with LBJ over that war, in part because he knew, in King’s words [10], “that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube.”

    Under the First Black President, that military suction tube is far bigger and more destructive than in Dr. King’s day, while the economic crisis is arguably much worse, threatening the very viability of Black America as a national community. Yet only 12 Black members of Congress can bring themselves to vote against Obama’s wars, and the Black misleadership class in general demands that African Americans sacrifice their own economic survival interests to Barack Obama’s political interests.

    Obama is not merely a continuation of the Bush administration’s war policies, he has accelerated the descent into a war economy. That is nothing for any Black person to be proud about.

    For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to [11].

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [12].
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]
    Share this [13]

    * Obama War Budget
    * Pentagon budget
    * ba radio commentary
    * Democrats
    * Obama Delusional Affect
    * Obamarama

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