Homophobic archbishop’s image removed in London

This 2013 video from the USA says about itself:

This first video in the series takes a look at the anti-gay and homophobic pastors and politicians who turn out to be actually gay themselves. These men are hypocrites who repeatedly discriminated against homosexuals and passed legislation to withhold the rights of gay people. The pastors and politicians mentioned in this video are as follows: Ted Haggard, George A. Rekers, Richard Curtis, Roy Ashburn, Albert Odulele, Mark Foley, Christopher Lee, Eddie Long, Jim West, Paul Babeu, Ken Mehlman, and Larry Craig.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Uni removes image of Carey over views on gay marriage

Thursday 22nd December 2016

KING’S College London (KCL) has removed an image of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton following student concerns about his views on gay marriage.

The picture is one of a number to be taken out of a “wall of fame” at the university, which said that the display “did not capture the diversity of our university community.”

Speaking in 2012 during the debate on gay marriage, Lord Carey said that for “time immemorial” marriage had been between a man and a woman and gay relationships were not the same.

Same-sex relationships are not the same as heterosexual relationships and should not be put on the same level,” he said.

The removal of his image followed a review of KCL’s window display policy, conducted last year.

Lord Carey said he did not wish to comment. The uni has not commented on the student campaign.

George Leonard Carey, Baron Carey of Clifton was nominated as archbishop by fellow homophobe Margaret Thatcher. While he was archbishop, he also opposed LGBTQ people; and defended Chilean ex-dictator Pinochet.

The Archbishop of Sydney has accused same-sex marriage of making 2017 a “horrible year”: here.

8 thoughts on “Homophobic archbishop’s image removed in London

  1. Thursday 22nd December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A SENIOR Anglican priest suggested yesterday that the Church of England was institutionally racist and did not respect its ethnic minority membership.

    Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chaplain to Commons Speaker John Bercow, said ethnic minorities were “visible yet invisible” within the church.

    Ms Hudson-Wilkin, who is originally from Jamaica, made the comments after Reverend Prebendary Dr Woyin Karowei Dorgu, born and raised in Nigeria, was appointed the next Bishop of Woolwich.

    He will be the first black man to be made a bishop in 20 years.

    “We are visible yet invisible,” Ms Hudson-Wilkin told the BBC. “I do not believe that the church recognises that we are there.

    “With my hand on my heart, I do not believe that the church respects and embraces its minority ethnic membership.”

    Asked if she was describing the elements of institutional racism, Ms Hudson-Wilkin said: “I suspect that I am.

    “It’s really a heavy burden to say that because that is the church that I belong to, that is the church I love, but if someone else can genuinely give me another rationale as to why we are not there in senior leadership roles within the church, then I’m prepared to consider it.”

    The Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev James Langstaff acknowledged on BBC Radio 4 Today that the church had a problem.

    “I think it is absolutely clear because the evidence is there in the lack of senior leaders,” he said.

    There is work under way to address “unconscious bias” but “some of it may well be conscious as well, or certainly has been at times,” he told the programme.

    He said: “I am chairing a working group for the Church of England at the moment to look precisely at these issues.”



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