British miners’ strike, 1985 Dutch solidarity music

During the big 1984-1985 big miners’ strike in Britain, there were many committees for solidarity with the strikers. Eg, among British LGBTQ people, as pictured recently in the film Pride.

There was also solidarity in other countries. This 1985 music video, by Dutch band Bertus en de Posters (Bertus and the Flying Pickets) says about itself:

Miners on strike

Verse 1


Miner, oh miner, it had to be done
You fought till the end, you went on and on
You lost this one battle, but not the whole war
You can hold your head higher than ever before.

Selma Joyce Vrooland wrote the lyrics; Bertus van der Horst the music. The song is about the end of the strike. After the strike, some miners were in prison, and their families suffered from poverty. The sales of this song were spent on solidarity with these political prisoners’ families.

This song is the B-side of the Miner record. It is called Bertus en de Posters – He! Maggie Snatcher. It is about anti-miner British Conservative Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

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