British trade union against ‘Thatcher Day’

This music video from Britain is called Pete Wylie: The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies!

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Unite vows to fight ‘Thatcher Day’ call

Wednesday 2nd June 2014

UNITE delegates unanimously backed calls yesterday to stop hardline Tory MPs renaming August bank holiday “Margaret Thatcher Day.”

The union committed to blocking Thatcher cheerleader Peter Bone MP’s insulting celebration suggestion — or making Labour rename the holiday Aneurin Bevan Day.

Delegates booed the mention of the hateful ex-PM’s name and screamed “no!” when West Midlands delegate George Hickman asked: “Are we going to tolerate this? Do you want a Maggie Thatcher day?”

But Yorkshire delegate Paul Quinn stuck up for Mr Bone’s proposals.

He said: “I think we ought to have this day. We should celebrate this day by doing what we do in Barnsley on Guy Fawkes day.

“That’s burning effigies, setting off fireworks, reminding the youth what she actually did by having speeches and rallies.

“I was a miner, I got arrested on the picket line and I want everyone to know what she did.”

Margaret Thatcher’s vow to deliver a “property-owning democracy” was exposed as a sham yesterday by new figures confirming that home ownership is permanently out of reach for millions: here.

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